A Poppy
A Poppy


Private, 06064,
Hampshire Regiment.
Died: 27 May 1920.
Grave Ref E. 4. 12. 1

Private, 16541,
1st Bn., Royal Berkshire Regiment.
Died: 4 October 1918. Age 34.
Son of Joseph Sawyer;
husband of Amy Emma Jane Sawyer,
of 13, Goodwood Rd., Southsea.
Born at Newbury.
Grave Ref J. 28. 5.

Private, 8320,
2nd Bn., Welsh Regiment.
Died: 8 January 1915. Age 32
Grave Ref K. 11. 7.

SEWARD, Edward Archibald
Drummer, 9773,
3rd Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment.
Died of sickness 11 January 1917. Age 17.
Son of Henry and Agnes Seward,
of The Priory, Havant, Hants.
Born at Dorking, Surrey.
Grave Ref. A. 1. 46.

2nd Bn., The Buffs (East Kent Regiment).
Died: 8 December 1918.
Grave Ref H.15.22

Private, 16970,
Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.
Died of cerebro-spinal meningitis 2 February 1915. Age 27.
Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. Simons;
husband of Elsie Minnie Faulkner (formerly Simons),
of Enstone, Oxford.
Grave Ref. K. 13. 3.

Corporal, 7027,
1st Bn., Hampshire Regiment.
Died: 29 September 1918. Age 29
Son of Ellen R. Simons,
of 29, Gloucester St., Hyde Park Rd., Southsea
and the late W. H. Simons.
Grave Ref. North Wall. P. 4. 29.

SIMS, Claude Sidney
Sapper, 2079,
2nd/4th Hants Fortress Coy., Royal Engineers.
Died: 23 April 1916. Age 23.
Son of Julia Catherine Sims,
of "Cynthia," Winn Rd., Lee, London
and the late Charles William Sims.
Grave Ref. E. 3. 20.

Gunner, 7801,
H.M.S. "Erin", Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 3 October 1920. Age 40.
Husband of Florence Smith,
of 22, Owen St., Eastney, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. K. 19. 7.

Private, 204641,
13th Bn., Devonshire Regiment,
transf. to (142108), Labour Corps
Died: 22 February 1919.
Husband of Mrs. E.G. Smith,
of 69, Castle Road, Southsea
Grave Ref. M. 17. 2.

Lance Corporal, 9549,
3rd Bn., Hampshire Regiment.
Died: 30 June 1918. Age 20
Son of Mrs. Emily Kathrine Snow,
of 17, Northcote Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref. South Wall. A. 5. 1.

Private, SE/33822,
Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
Died: 3 August 1919.
Grave Ref. H.11.38.

SPEED, Harry
Gunner, RMA/10004,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 9 February 1919. Age 48.
Son of James Speed;
husband of Mildred Speed,
of 29, Kassassin St., East Southsea.
Born at Trumpington, Cambs.
Grave Ref. H. 10. 3.

Private, 12036,
9th Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.
Died of accidental injuries 28 January 1915. Age 32.
Son of Edwin and Annie Stansbie;
husband of Hannah Mason (formerly Stansbie),
of 16, Vittoria St., Smethwick, Birmingham.
Grave Ref. K. 12. 6.

Private, 7304,
3rd Bn., Coldstream Guards.
Died: 9 September 1914.
Grave Ref K. 9.4.

Staff Serjeant, Tl/SR/1013,
Army Service Corps.
Died: 22 June 1916.
Grave Ref. J. 25. 34.

SUTTON, Wilfred John
Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant,
H.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth", Royal Navy.
Died: 9 December 1918. Age 21.
Son of Francis John and Caroline Helen Sutton, of
2, Brancaster Rd., Streatham, London.
Grave Ref. H. 15. 15.

SYKES-BANKS, Cyril D'Albini
Major, M.C., 3 times Mentioned in Despatches. 5th Coy. 226th Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died of pneumonia, following gas
4 November 1918. Age 28.
Son of the late Maj. William Sykes-Banks (G.S.O., B.E.F., France),
and of Eleanor M. C. Sykes-Banks,
of 19, Queen Square, Bath.
Grave Ref. Second Central 2. 14.

Private, 34572,
13th Bn., Bedfordshire Regiment.
Died: 15 October 1917
Grave Ref H.6.10.

Eastney Barracks, Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 11 February 1919.
Grave Ref. H. 12. 63.

Private, 2539,
10th Bn., Welsh Regiment.
Died: 10 March 1916.
Grave Ref K.14.11.

Second Lieutenant
95th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps.
Died: 18 March 1918. Age 26.
Son of Walter George Tilbury,
of 63, Victoria Rd. South, Southsea.
Grave Ref. Horan Div. A. 1. 15.

Private 9079
lst Bn Bedfordshire Regiment.
Died: 9 January 1915. Age 31
Son of Stoker and Ellen Todd
of 41 Eve Rd. West Ham, London.
Born at Faversham, Kent
Grave Ref. K. 11. 8.

Lance Sergeant
Royal Marine Artillery.Died: 13 December 1914
Grave Ref. A. 2. 64..

TREACHER, Christopher William
Gunner RMA/13534,
H.Q. (Eastney) Royal Marine Artillery
Died: 24 April 1915 Age 21

son of J.G. Treacher
of Freshwater, Isle of Wight.
Grave Ref. K. 14. 4.

TRUE, John
Private 20496
13th Bn. Hampshire Regiment.
Died: 28 November 1915 Age 36.
Son of James William True,
of 99, Jubilee Rd., Southsea;
husband of Daisy True, of 22 Oxford Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref. A. 1.35.

Gunner 3516
Provisional Bn. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died: 28 January 1915, Age 33.
Son of Stephen and Emma Turner
of Whitchurch, Oxon;
husband of Caroline Edith May Turner,
of 49, Willington St., Nuneaton.
Grave Ref. A. 1. 63.

Gunner, RMA/4157,
Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 29 January 1915
Grave Ref K. 12. 7.

TWINE, Frederick George
Sergeant RMA/9282.
H.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth", Royal Marine Artillery.
Accidentally killed 18 February 1916. Age 33.
Son of George and Louisa Twine,
husband of Mary Ann Twine,
of 30, Kimberley Rd., Southsea. Bom at Upton Park, Essex.
Grave Ref J. 32. 32. i



SAMPSON, Violet Patience
Aircraftwoman 2nd Class, 2014770,
Women's Auxiliary Air Force.
Died: 9 April 1942. Age 31.
Daughter of Leonard and Bessie Sampson,
of Southsea. Grave Ref. Sec. M. (South Wall). Row 2. Grave 13.

SMITH, Frank Shervell
Sergeant, 920737,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died: 5 September 1942. Age 29.
Son of Frank Walrus Smith and Beatrice Ada Smith,
of Widley.
Grave Ref. Sec. J. (South Wall). Row 2. Grave 2.

SMITH, Henry John
Company Serjeant Major, PO/22053,
Royal Marines.
Died: 21 March 1946. Age 34.
Son of Walter John and Charlotte Nona Smith,
of Eastney;
husband of Hilda Smith.
Grave Ref. Sec. E. Row 8. Grave 7.

SMITH, Kenneth Aubrey
Leading Seaman, P/JX 149983,
H.M.S. Rockingham., Royal Navy.
Died: 17 June 1941. Age 21.
Son of Gnr. H. Smith, Royal Marine Artillery,
who died on active service 3rd October, 1920,
and of Florence J. Smith, of Eastney,
husband of Megan Smith, of Burton-on-Trent.
Grave Ref. Sec. K. Row 19. Grave 7.

STEVENS, Harold Stuart Patrick
Colour Serjeant, PO/214661,
Royal Marines.
Died: 13 March 1945. Age 44.
Son of Albert Edward and Elizabeth Anne Stevens,
of Portsmouth;
husband of Elizabeth Stevens, of Eastney.
Grave Ref. Sec. I. Row 15. Grave 24.

TAIT, George Arthur
Ordinary Seaman, LT/JX 186588,
H.M. Trawler Rodino.,
Royal Naval Patrol Service.
Died: 24 July 1940.
Grave Ref. Sec. C. Row 2. Grave 31.