A Poppy
A Poppy


HALE, Alfred Bernard
Corporal, 50362,
Royal Horse Artillery.
Died: 6 February 1919.
Son of Alfred Augustus and Winifred Hale.
Grave Ref. E. 16. 22.

Petty Officer 1st Class, 163619,
H.M.S. "President VI", Royal Navy.
Died: 15 January 1919. Age 51.
Husband of Flora Ann Haley,
of 35, Tokar St., Eastney.
Grave Ref. North Wall. G. 2. 2.

Gunner, RMA/14326,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died of wounds 30 August 1915. Age 42.
Son of Alexander and Fanny Hamilton.
Born at Greenwich.
Grave Ref. K. 13. 10.

Able Seaman, 199600,
(R.F.R. PO/B/4970).
H.M.S. "Victory.", Royal Navy.
Died: 24 December 1918.
Grave Ref. H. 8. 34.

HANCOCK, Cyril Ashley
Able Seaman, 179114,
H.M.S. "Victory", Royal Navy.
Died: 3 November 1917. Age 39.
Son of Louisa Hancock, and the late Henry Hancock.
Born at Southsea.
Grave Ref. D. 9. 25.

Gunner, RMA/12562,
Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 27 September 1918.
Grave Ref. H. 7. 7.

Captain, Royal Engineers.
Died: 31 July 1916.
Grave Ref. M. 4. 104.

Leading Seaman, 197762,
H.M.S. "Paragon", Royal Navy.
Drowned 18 March 1917. Age 34.
Grave Ref. D. 6. 19.

Gunner, 3435,
67th Coy., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died: 18 November 1915. Age 41.
Husband of Bessie Head,
of Brook Rd., Waterford, Lymington.
Grave Ref. K. 14. 8.

Second Lieutenant,
Royal Field Artillery.
Died: 23 October 1918.
Grave Ref. H. 15.

Petty Officer (Rigger), 169382,
H.M. Yacht "Victoria and Albert", Royal Navy.
Died: 7 January 1920. Age 42.
Son of the late Thomas Heather;
husband of Edith Alice Heather,
of 38, Lawson Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref. H. 11. 53.

Surgeon Lieutenant,
H.M.A.S. "Melbourne", Royal Australian Navy
Died: 13 February 1919.
Grave Ref. F. 10. 31.

Private, CH/2509/(S),
2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Div., Royal Marine Light Infantry.
Died: 9 March 1920. Age 32.
Husband of Emily C. Hooper,
of 22, Hampton St, Southsea.
Grave Ref. North Wall. C. 2. 9.

Stoker 1st Class, 302719,
H.M.S. "Victory", Royal Navy.
Died: 10 October 1917. Age 35.
Son of Thomas Charles House;
husband of Beatrice L. House,
of 5, York Place, Portsea, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. North Wall. B. 16. 10.

Private, RMA/14463,
Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 25 January 1915
Grave Ref K. 11. 10.

Gunner, RMA/2798,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 10 August 1916. Age 50.
Son of Henry and Ann Humphries;
husband of Mary Ann Humphries,
of 6, Methuen Rd., Eastney, Portsmouth.
Born at Berwick St. James, Salisbury.
Grave Ref. J. 27. 27.

Gunner, RMA/1198/(S),
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery,
Died: 9 April 1916.
Grave Ref. K. 15.5.

Airman 2nd Class, 8286,
Royal Flying Corps.
Died of sickness contracted in France, 6 April 1917. Age 22.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Jenkins,
of 116, Victoria Rd North, Southsea. Born at Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. K. 14. 13.

JOHNS, Richard
Private, PO/14594,
H.M.S. "Glatton",
Royal Marine Light Infantry
Died of wounds (burns) 21 September 1918. Age 27.
Son of Henry and Clarissa Johns
of 86, Brompton Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref. North Wall. E. 1. 15.

Gunner, 32889,
37th Coy., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died of accidental injuries: 24 November 1914. Age 21.
Son of Ernest and Sarah Johnson,
of 6, Ward's Cottages, Highgate, London.
Grave Ref. K. 11. 3.

Driver, 86144,
13th Reserve Bty., Royal Field Artillery.
Died: 17 May 1915
Grave Ref. K. 14. 5.

Sapper, 121,
1st Hants Fortress Bn., Royal Engineers,
transf. to (Cpl. 118204) 183rd Coy. Labour Corps
Died: 9 December 1918.
Grave Ref. E. 6. 57. I

Colour Serjeant, RMA/3998,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 26 May 1915. Age 55.
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
Son of John and Ellen Jones,
of Gillingham, Kent;
husband of Caroline Jones,
of 46, Maxwell Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref 1st Central South. 12.30.

Private, 22240,
3rd Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.
Died: 24 February 1916
Grave Ref. B. 1.20.

Rifleman, 3044,
3rd Bn., Rifle Brigade.
Died of wounds 16 February 1915. Age 35.
Son of Thomas Kelly.
Served in the South African Campaign.
Grave Ref. K. 12.10.

KINGSTON, Reginald John (Served as KING J.)
Corporal, 129052,
5th Bn. Special Bde., Royal Engineers.
Died of wounds 27 October 1916. Age 24.
Son of James and Hannah Kingston,
of 33, Eastney Rd., Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. A. 2. 37.

Ship's Chief Cook, 158483,
H.M.S. "Victory", Royal Navy.
Died: 7 January 1916.
Grave Ref. B.I 5. 25.

KWASNIEWSKI, Francis Joseph
Gunner, RMA/8946,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died of pneumonia 16 March 1920. Age 36.
Son of Francis and Emily Kwasniewski;
husband of Edith M. A. Kwasniewski,
of 2, Maxwell Rd., Portsmouth.
Served 20 years in R.M.A.
Born at Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. H. 12. 56.


HALL, James Charles
Corporal, 565260,
Royal Air Force.
Died: 20 April 1946. Age 31.
Son of Samuel and Nellie Louise Hall,
of Eastney.
Grave Ref. 1st Central Plot. Row 14. Grave 19.

HARDING, Sidney Reginald
Marine, PO/X 185,
Royal Marines.
Died: 10 January 1942. Age 39.
Husband of Kathleen Nellie Harding,
of Southsea.
Grave Ref. Sec. K. (South Wall). Row 2. Grave 9.

HARRIS, William
Marine, PO/X 4153,
H.M.S. Daedalus., Royal Marines.
Died: 26 August 1941. Age 44.
Son of George and Caroline Harris;
husband of Elizabeth Lilian Mary Harris,
of Milton. Southsea.
Grave Ref. Sec. E. Row 2. Grave 11.

HAWKINS, Eric William Alfred
Private, 14581078,
Pioneer Corps.
Died: 2 January 1946. Age 21.
Son of William Henry and Beatrice Hawkins,
of Southsea,
nephew of Sarah E. McGuigan, of Southsea.
Grave Ref. 1st Central Plot. Row 24. Grave 8.

HAZELWOOD, Joseph William
Marine, PO/29169,
Royal Marines.
Died: 28 December 1941. Age 58.
Husband of Ada Hazelwood, of Eastney.
Grave Ref. Sec. C. Row 3. Grave 10.

HURLEY, Joseph Brian
Stoker 1st Class, P/KX 94516,
H.M.S. Nelson., Royal Navy.
Died: 24 September 1945. Age 25.
Son of Joseph and Lilian Hurley,
of Southsea.
Grave Ref. Sec. J. Row 31. Grave 33.

JUFFS, Edgar Charles
Warrant Officer, 366133, M B E,
Royal Air Force.
Died: 4 July 1945.
Son of Richard Daniel and Anne Juffs;
husband of Hilda Dorothy Juffs,
of Fratton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Sec. C. Row 10. Grave 67.

KEEL, George Ernest
Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 751079,
235 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died: 9 October 1940. Age 20.
Son of Alien George and Gertrude Agnes Keel,
of Southsea.
Grave Ref. Sec. M. (South Wall). Row 2. Grave 4.

KING, Hayward Harcourt Stanley
Quartermaster Serjeant, PO/211943,
Royal Marines.
Died: 13 May 1945. Age 54.
Son of Alexander and Mary King;
husband of Kate King,
of Upper Lambourn, Berkshire.
Grave Ref. Sec. E. Row 13. Grave 45.