A Poppy
A Poppy


EASTMAN, John Francis
Gunner, RMA/5248,
Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 17 October 1918. Age 45.
Husband of S. Eastman,
of 126, Reginald Road, Southsea.
Grave Ref. North Wall. M.3.8.

Able Seaman, 202463,
H.M.S. "Princess Royal", Royal Navy.
Died: 21 October 1918. Age 36.
Son of Frederick and Emily Ellison;
husband of Mary Florence Ellison,
of 62, Sutherland Rd., Southsea.
Born in London.
Grave Ref. North Wall. G.1.15.

Steward, 735352,
H.M.S. "Arlanza", Mercantile Marine Reserve.
Died: 28 September 1918.
Grave Ref. C. 11. 7.

FEDARB, Frederick
Commander Surgeon,
H.M.S. "Vemon", Royal Navy.
Died: 25 May 1919. Age 52.
Grave Ref. E. 8. 2.

Private, 28817,
1st Garrison Bn., Worcestershire Regiment,
transf. to (282061) 629th Home Service Employment Coy., Labour Corps
Died: 2 August 1918.
Grave Ref. 1st Central. 22. 46.

Major (Qmr.)
Garrison (Plymouth), East Surrey Regiment.
Died: 19 April 1917.
Grave Ref. Horan Div. A. 5. 13.

FOREST, Henry William.
Gunner, 30786,
6th Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died: 11 April 1917. Age 26.
Husband of Kate Irene Forest,
of 11, Grove Rd., Shoeburyness, Essex.
Grave Ref. K. 15. 14.

Serjeant, 14872, MM,
26th Field Coy., Royal Engineers.
Died: 21 October 1918. Age 31.
Husband of Daisy Henrietta Fox,
of 2, Somerstown Cottage, Waterloo Rd., Havant.
Grave Ref. H. 6. 49.

FRAMINGHAM, Frederick Hamilton
Private, T/242923,
5th Bn., The Buffs (East Kent Regiment).
Died: 18 January 1918. Age 23.
Son of Edmund and Selina Framingham.
Grave Ref. M. 2. 110.

Major (Qmr.)
Royal Marine Light Infantry.
Died: 5 September 1919. Age 58.
Husband of E. J. Franklin, of "Abdin", 66, Brighton St. North, Cottesloe, Western Australia.
Musical Director,
Royal Naval School of Music, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Horan Div. A. 6. 3.

FRANKLIN, William James
Private, 4134,
(London), Army Pay Corps.
Died: 1 March 1915.
Son of the late Maj. Charles Franklin, O.B.E. (R.M.L.I.) and of Mrs. Franklin,
of "Abdin," 66, Brighton Rd. North, Cottesloe, Western Australia;
husband of Catherine Elizabeth Franklin,
of 39, Claremont Rd., Teddington, Middx.
Grave Ref. Horan Div. A. 6.

GARDINER, Herbert Henry Arthur
Private, 58,
1st Bn., London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).
Died: 27 September 1915.
Grave Ref. K. 14. 7.

Gunner, RMA/11590,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 14 February 1919. Age 32.
Son of Alexander and Sarah Gartland,
of Battersea, London.
Grave Ref. H. 12. 3.

GAUSSEN, John Samuel
Colonel, C B E,
Army Pay Department,
formerly, Royal Irish Rifles
Died: 13 October 1919. Age 63.
Son of William and Isabella Gaussen;
husband of Alice Eliza Gaussen.
Grave Ref. H. 14. 4.

Colour Serjeant, RMA/2192,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 16 September 1916. Age 46.
Son of Thomas and Ester Gibbons;
husband of Alice Caroline Gibbons,
of 52, Hendersen Rd., Eastney, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. J. 31. 29.

Musician, RMA/6287,
H.Q. (Eastney), Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 27 September 1918. Age 37.
Husband of Edith Mary Glass,
of 8, Hellyer Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref H. 7. 6.

Private, 204886,
2nd Bn., Devonshire Regiment.
Died: 1 September 1917
Grave Ref. H. 6. 14.

Bombardier, 87172,
Royal Field Artillery.
Died: 31 October 1914.
Grave Ref K.11.1.

Private, 20273,
Depot (Woolwich), Army Veterinary Corps.
Died: 17 October 1918. Age 37.
Son of William Henry and Louisa Gould;
husband of Lilian Maud Gould,
of 149, Highland Rd., Eastney, Portsmouth.
Born at Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. North Wall. M 2. 10.

Gunner, 170481,
"C" Anti-Aircraft Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died: 21 February 1919. Age 30.
Son of James A. and Emma Gould,
of 7, St. Augustine Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref. I. 1. 56.

Private, D/17451,
North Somerset Yeomanry.
Died: 2 July 1918.
Grave Ref North Wall. F. 2. 6.

Lance Serjeant, 3/5225,
3rd Bn., Hampshire Regiment.
Died: 5 January 1916. Age 57.
Husband of E. Gray,
of 33A, Hammond Rd., Southall, Middx.
Grave Ref. K. 14. 10.

GRAY, James Oliver
Gunner, 6967,
42nd Coy., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died of bronchitis, 8 February 1915. Age 42.
Awarded Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
Son of William and Sarah Gray;
husband of Lucy Ada Gray,
of Gloviers, Bembridge, Isle of Wight.
Born at Sandown, Isle of Wight.
Grave Ref. K. 12. 8.

GRIFFITHS, Charles Jewell
Royal Defence Corps.
Died: 7 November 1918. Age 44.
Son of the late George and Anne Griffiths;
husband of Edith Blanche Griffiths,
of 26, Aston Rd., Southsea.
Born at Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. H. 15. 11.

Company Serjeant Major, S/261,
"G" Supply Coy., Royal Army Service Corps.
Died: 26 November 1920.
Grave Ref. 1st Central South. 8. 30.



EBBETT, Claude Sargent
Petty Officer, P/236616,
H.M.S. Squid., Royal Navy.
Died: 16 November 1942.
Husband of Clara Ann Ebbett,
of Southsea.
Grave Ref. Sec. A. Row 18.

FENWICK, Victor Jack
Squadron Leader (Pilot), 39868,
169 Sqdn., Royal Air Force (RAFO).
Died: 4 March 1945.
Born Canada.
Grave Ref. Sec. K. Row 16. Grave 15.

FERRIS, Ernest Albert
Corporal, 561539,
217 Sqdn., Royal Air Force.
Died: 31 January 1940. Age 29.
Grave Ref. Sec. B. Row 19. Grave 47.