Visiting HMS Excellent
HMS Excellent is still a fully functioning unit of the Royal Navy and as such is not normally open to the public except on English National Heritage Days. Appointments to view the Museum and St Barbara's Church at other times can be made by phoning the Curator on 023 9254 7418
Further information
Car parking is permitted within the base.

Map of Whale Island
Entrance to HMS Excellent c1940
(Photo courtesy Sammy Holman)

Entrance to HMS Excellent c1940

A history of HMS Excellent

St Barbara's Church and Museum
  1. The Jellicoe WW1 Memorial
  2. The Jellicoe Book of Remembrance
  3. Ordnance Artificers WW2 Memorials
  4. HMS Excellent Plaques
  5. Gunnery Officers WW2 Memorial
  6. Gunnery Officers WW1 Memorials
  7. HMS Excellent Bandsmen
Senior Rates Mess
  8. Petty Officer Edgar Evans
  9. Chinese Guns
RN & RM Gunnery Instructors Assn. (Building 17)
10. Staff Gunners Mates WW1 Memorial
11. Gunnery Instructors WW2 Roll of Honour
Rose Garden
12. Lord Chatfield
13. The Pouhaki
14. Queen Charlotte Figurehead
15. HMS Constance Figurehead
16. Royal Tournament Field Gun
17. The State Field Gun Carriage
18. The Original Parade Ground
19. Tank Mk. IV (Male) No. 2324
There are a number of further plaques that we have not yet
recorded. They are to the animals in the Whale Island
Menagerie that were shot on 27th May 1940 "in preparation
for German Air Raids". The animals were Lorna and Topsy
(Lionesses), Nicholas and Barbara (Polar Bears) and Henry
and Alice (Sun Bears). Most of the animals at the menagerie
were gifts to the Royal family from overseas leaders.