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St. Andrews Church lies on the north side of Havant Road in Farlington, about 1 mile East of Cosham High Street. The graveyard completely surrounds the church.
Historical Information:
There has been a church on or near the current location since the 12th Century and for the most part ministered to a small rural community. The expansion of Portsmouth has now engulfed the church, though farmland still exists within a few hundred yards.
The War Graves
There are 12 men whose graves are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission buried in the cemetery. All of them lost their lives in the Second World War. The graves are scattered throughout the cemetery; their locations are shown on the Cemetery Burial Plan (see below).

World War II

Bryant N.T.
Bunn A.J.
Cowardin W.L.

Crane L.F.
Donald F.
Greenhill A.C.

Newton F.W.
Norris E.J.
Peel J.

Phillips R.D.
Webster H.N.
Wyatt F.C.W.

Additional Information
Google map showing the location of Farlington
St Andrews Church Website
Memorials at St Andrews Church
The Cemetery Burial Plan (Hover over link)
If you would like a larger version of any photo of the war graves below, please let me know, giving the full name on the grave and the cemetery.


BRYANT, Nigel Thomas
Captain, 93452,
529 Coast Regt., Royal Artillery.
Died: 16 September 1942. Age 31.
Son of Thomas and Lily Bryant;
husband of Dorothy Laura Bryant, of East Cosham, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 6. Row 4. Grave 19.

BUNN, Alfred John
H.M.S. Vernon, Royal Navy.
Died: 31 August 1943. Age 59.
Son of Walter and Jane Bunn, of Portsmouth;
husband of Elizabeth Charlotte Bunn, of Drayton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 9. Row 2. Grave 4.

COWARDIN, William Lewis
Major, 127358,
Royal Army Medical Corps.
Died: 3 August 1946. Age 60.
Son of Thomas and M. R. Cowardin;
husband of Edith Cowardin, of Southsea. L.R.C.P. (Lond.), M.R.C.S.
Grave Ref. Plot 8. Row 7. Grave 4.

CRANE, Leonard Francis
Engine Room Artificer 4th Class, P/MX 73949,
H.M.S. Victory II, Royal Navy.
Died: 1 October 1946. Age 21.
Son of Lieut.-Comdr. E N. Crane, formerly R.N., and Margaret Crane, of Farlington, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Spec. Memorial.
NOTE: The exact burial spot within the cemetery is unknown.

DONALD, Frederick
Corporal, 864001,
933 Balloon Sqdn., Royal Air Force (Auxiliary Air Force).
Died: 16 November 1944. Age 33.
Son of Bertie Henry and Mabel Isabella Donald, of Portsmouth;
husband of Brenda Madeline Donald, of North End, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 8. Row 2. Grave 16.

GREENHILL, Arthur Clifford
Lieut-Commander, Royal Navy.
Died: 15 March 1945. Age 63.
Son of Joseph and Louisa Greenhill; husband of Mabel Greenhill, of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.
Grave Ref. Plot 8. Row 3. Grave 15.

NEWTON, Frederick William
Flying Officer (Pilot) 129719,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died: 10 April 1944. Age 22.
Son of Edward Frederick Beresford Newton and Dorothy Rosina Jenny Newton, of Portsmouth;
husband of Beryl Edna Newton, of East Cosham, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 8. Row 1 Grave 12.

NORRIS, Ernest John
Major, 11690, 0 B E,
Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
Died: 8 April 1947. Age 69.
Son of Benjamin Stephen and Isobel Norris;
husband of Florence Agnes Norris, of East Cosham, Portsmouth.
His son Benjamin Robert Herbert also died on service.
Grave Ref. Plot 8. Row 10. Grave 3.

PEEL, Jack
Sergeant, PO/X 288,
H.M.S. Suffolk, Royal Marines.
Died: 15 September 1942. Age 30.
Son of James and Amy Peel, of Portsmouth;
husband of Mary Eileen Peel, of East Cosham, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 6. Row 4. Grave 18.

PHILLIPS, Ronald Dollery
Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 1433454,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died: 9 November 1943. Age 21.
Son of Arthur and Kathleen Grace Phillips, of Drayton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 7. Row 1. Grave 13.

WEBSTER, Henry Norris
Captain, 93489,
Royal Engineers.
Died: 3 May 1941. Age 44.
Son of Alfred and Fanny Webster;
husband of Mary Louisa Webster, of Drayton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 2. Grave 39.

WYATT, Frederick Charles Walter
Leading Cook, P/MX 47464,
H.M.S. Godetia, Royal Navy.
Died: 6 September 1940. Age 30.
Son of Charles Walter and Elizabeth A. Wyatt, of Farlington, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Plot 2. Row 3. Grave 27.