Royal Portsmouth Hospital
The Hospital at its opening in 1849
Royal Portsmouth Hospital
Map of the Hospital in 1898

Location of the Hospital
The Royal Portsmouth Hospital was constructed on land to the west of Commercial Road on land currently (2008) occupied by Sainsbury's Supermarket.
1 - The Memorial Gateway
2 - The Doulton Tiles
3 - The Sainsbury's Plaques

Further Information
The Royal Portsmouth Hospital was opened on January 2nd 1849 on a plot of land to the west of Commercial Road. In addition to the above there were a number of other memorials in the hospital.
Extract from The Hospitals of Portsmouth by Molly Gange
"(The Lost) Chapel of St. Barnabas was dedicated to Dr. Neville-Lovett, first Bishop of Portsmouth, on April 30th 1936. The plaque showing the dedication read 'Praising God for the honoured memory of Woolmer White, Baronet, a munificent benefactor to the hospital'" The Chapel was damaged during WW2 but was repaired and put back into service by 1951.
The Nurses Home, opened in 1910 was dedicated to King Edward VII who had recently died on 6th May.
The Hospital was demolished when it closed in March 1979.