On Broad Street, close to the Square Tower.

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Memorial to the
First Fleet Re-enactment Expedition
From onboard the frigate H.M.S. Sirius,
at 1300 hours on 13th May 1987
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ordered the signal lowered to send the
First Fleet Re-enactment in its voyage to Sydney. Eleven square-rigged
vessels, anchored on the Mother Bank between here and the Isle of Wight
departed in an expedition to commemorate the bicentenary of the founding
of modern Australia by the First Fleet, which departed the same anchorage at
the same time two hundred years before.
The Re-enactment Expedition was organised by Dr. Jonathan King,
descedent of Philip Gidley King, second lieutenant in
First Fleet flagship H.M.S. Sirius and third Governor of the colony of
New South Wales, Australia. This plaque also remembers
Henrik Bak Neilson, lost at sea during the Re-enactment,

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