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It is a record of the work, carried out by Trevor Gale and Charles Cooper in May 2000, to catalogue the headstones in the church graveyard. It is known that the stones do not necessarily lie over the graves of the named as the entire churchyard has been cleaned, tidied and re-ordered several times, most notably during the restoration of the church in 1873. Nevertheless, all of the surviving stones are original, even if not in their correct position.
By the time Trevor and Charles came to carry out their work the text on the majority of the stones was illegible, fortunately however there exists within the church a ledger which records most of the text. The exact date that the earlier study was carried out is unknown but certainly dates from the last couple of decades in the 19C. Trevor and Charles took the ledger details and compared them with the text that remained legible on the stones. In 24 cases the text was still fully legible; in another 27 instances they could read enough text on the stones to positively identify them. The remaining 95 cannot be determined at this time.
The ledger records numbered the gravestones from 1 to 146 and these references have been retained for the transcriptions below and also to enable the location of the 51 identified stones on the accompanying map (JPG - 147kb). The fully legible stones are marked in red and those only partially readable in blue.

1. SACRED/To the Memory of/ELEANOR McNAIR/daughter of/Lt. Colonel McNair K.H./73rd Regiment/of Greenfield, near Glasgow/who departed this life/31st August 1830/Aged 4 Days.
2. SACRED/To the Memory of/MATHEW SLACK/late Assistant Surgeon R.M./Died 8th October 1811/Aged 32 Years.
3. SACRED/To the Memory of/Captain THOMPSON BERWICK/of H.M.3rd West Indian Regiment/Formerly/of the 10th Regiment of Foot/Died 4th June 1844/Aged 53 Years.
4. SACRED/To the Memory of/WILLIAM RICHARDSON/Midshipman/of H.M. Ship HUSSAR/Aged 14./Son of the late Mr & Mrs Richardson/of Keilbochan, in Scotland./He was drowned going to Spithead/in the discharge of his duty,/the 27th day of December 1840./His body having been cast ashore/is here interred.
5. SACRED/To the Memory of/PRUDENCE/wife of Qtr.Master Dunbar,/74th Highlanders/Died 15th February 1846/Aged 35./leaving a husband and four/children to deplore her/irreparable loss.
6. In Memory of/CHARLES DAVERS RUSHBROOKE/Ensign in H.M. 32nd Regiment/who departed this life Oct 18th 1811/in the 20th Year of his Age/The youngest son of Lt. Colonel/Rushbrooke, of Rushbrooke Park/in the County of Suffolk/and Member of Parliament for the/Western Division of that County./Being Officer of the detached/Dock Guard on that boisterous/night, he was with Corporal/THOMAS WILLIAMS/of the same Corps, blown into/the North Camber Slip of the/Dockyard, when visiting the/Sentries./and both were unfortunately drowned./They lie here interred together.
8. To the Memory of/MARIANNE EUSTINA,/wife of Captain/J.S. Pilcher/Royal Marines/Died 31st May 1829 Aged 43.
9. To the Memory of/SUSANNAH BYLES,/widow of the Rev. Mathew Byles/Rector of St.John's, New Brunswick/North America./Died 11th December 1842/Aged 92.
10. SACRED/To the Memory of/Admiral THOMAS SEARLE, C.B./Died March 17th 1849 Aged 74./Also/AUGUSTA CHARLOTTE, daughter of/the above, and beloved wife of/Lieut. J.C. Sicklemore R.N./Died 28th February 1850 Aged 29./Also/LOUISA MATILDA LUCY SICKLEMORE/infant daughter of the above/who died 18th September 1850 Aged 1 Year.
11. SACRED/To the Memory of/GRACE, the beloved wife of/Robert Yule Esq. Commander R.N./Died June 27th 1840 Aged 63./Tho long bent down by sore afflictions weight /Her heart too good to murmur at her fate /With Christian fortitude she bore the pain/Till death consigned her to the dust again./Also of the above/ROBERT YULE Esq. Commander R.N./Died 11th February 1849/Aged 80.
12. SACRED/To the Memory of/EDWARD SPARKES, son of/Lieut. J.H. Sparkes R.N./Died 10th July 1829/in the 19th Year of his Age./Also WILLIAM, son of the above/who died November 15th 1831/in the 27th Year of his Age./Also the above JOHN HINDES/SPARKES/who died 5th January 1835 in the/75th Year of his Age.
13. Here lie the remains of/Major-General C. JACKMAN/Commandant of the Royal Marines/Died 20th June 1823 Aged 69./"He was an affectionate husband, a/sincere friend, and truly honest Man."
14. SACRED/To the Memory of/Rev. GEORGE JENKINS/Died 27th March 1837/Aged 77./Also/CECIL PICTON/wife of the above/Died 17th November 1852/Aged 84.
15. To the Memory of/CHARLES DANIEL MYBREA/gentleman cadet of the Royal/Military College Sandhurst,/who died of consumption/5th July 1815/Aged 16./Also of MARY de MACHER, the wife/of D. Mybrea.
16. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieutenant W. Harrison/of the Worcester Regiment of Militia/and son of Robert Harrison Esq./of ... in the County of Worcester./Obiit 1st February 1804/AEtat 18.
17. SACRED/To the Memory of/JANE MARY OSIER/the beloved wife of Lieutenant/Arthur Morrison R.M./who died 26th August 1830/Aged 31.
18. In Memory of/JAMES LOFTUS NUNN/Died 13th November 1836/Aged 84 Years.
19. SACRED/To the Memory of/Major THOMAS JAMES HARRISON/of the Royal Artillery/and of .... House, Cornwall/Died 10th December 1820/Aged 38.
20. SACRED/To the Memory of/Colonel ROBERT MONCRIEFF/formerly Commandant of the/Portsmouth Division of/Royal Marines/Died 21st February 1844/Aged 86.
21. The remains of Lt. Colonel NATHAN ASHHURST/were deposited in this place./He died Town Major of Portsmouth/the 19th December 1820 Aged 60./Also/In Memory of/Lieutenant NATHAN ASHHURST/son of the above, of the 46th Regt./who died in the East Indies,/the 20th November 1827 Aged 31.
22. SACRED/To the Memory of/ROBERT FOLLIS PRESTON/late Commander of/His Majesty's Ship/EUPHRATES/Died 10th May 1817 Aged 33.
23. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieutenant PETER MEARS/Royal Marines/Died 9th December 1825 Aged 33./"Watch therefore; for ye know not what hour/your Lord doth come"./Matthew chap 24 verse 42./Here also lieth the remains of/MARY ANN HOPWOOD,/wife of Mr. Hopwood,/and relict of the above Lt. Mears/Died 23rd March 1842 Aged 48.
24. SACRED/To the Memory of/SAMUEL WHYTE Esq./Captain in the 70th Regiment/Died 11th July 1813./Deeply regretted.
25. In Memory of/Lieut GEORGE BURROWS/HATTON/of His Majesty's Ship/Died 11th February 1812/Aged.../Also MARY ANN HATTON/Sister of the above/Died 28th May 1815/Aged 22
26. Lieut HENRY WEMYSS/21st R.N.B. Fusiliers/who died 27th Oct 1832/Aged 19
27. In Memory of/HARRIOT J. DRUMMOND/eldest daughter of/Major Gilbert Buchannan/Royal Engineers/Also HARRIOT, his wife/who died 13th January 1820/Aged 43
28. SACRED/To the Memory of/WILLIAM AUGUSTUS MURRAY/PRIOR/who died Feb 5th 1844. Aged 22/Ensign in H.M.59th Regt/Youngest Son of Captain Thomas Prior/of Rathdowney, Queens County,/Ireland/"Thy will be done".
29. SACRED/To the Memory of/ROGERS SAWREY TINKLAR/Captain R.M./Son of the Revd T.D. Tinklar M.A./of Wenlock, Shropshire/who died Commandant of the/Island of Ascension 14th Sept 1840/Aged 46/and was buried there./Also of LOUISA, wife of the above/who died 9th Oct 1875 Aged 75/and was buried at St.Albans/Hertfordshire/Beneath are deposited the remains of/CHARLES WILLIAM TINKLAR/Brother of the above/who died 8th Dec 1835/Aged 35/Also of their children ELEANOR HANNAH, 5 May 1833, aged 1 year 2 months/FREDERICK CLARKE 15 May1835, aged 9 years 10 months/CHARLES FREDERICK 9 Sept1837, aged 3 years 4 months/JOHN LIPSCOMBE 14 Dec1838, aged 10 3 years 0 months/ADA ELEANOR 25 March 1852, aged 12 3 years 9 months/HENRY NICHOLSON May1855, aged 25 3 years 1 months/ELIZABETH HANNAH 4 Oct1864, aged 42 3 years 5 months/R. I. P.
30. JANE STEPHENSON/daughter of Captain J. Lawrence/Paymaster Royal Marines/who died 21st January AD 1833/Aged 8 Years & 4 Months/Also, THOMAS WILLIAM/Captain Royal Artillery/eldest son of the above/Captain J. Lawrence/who died at Woolwich/October 4th 1830 in his/30th Year
31. SACRED/To the memory of/MARY WARREN, eldest daughter of/Major Thomas Mitchell/Royal Marines, and ANN his wife/who died March 23rd 1838. Aged 42./Also ANN, Mother of the above Mary/Warren, and the beloved wife of/— Major T. Mitchell, who died 13th Dec 1839/Aged 70 Years./Also the above Major THOMAS MITCHELL/who departed this life Feb 28th 1842/in his 68th Year/Also of ANN and ELIZA, daughters of/Major Thomas Mitchell/buried at Shedfield, Hants.
32. SACRED/To the Memory of/MARIA, the beloved wife of/Major T. Aslett R.M./who departed this life March 20th 1834/Aged 51/Leaving her husband and six/children to lament their irreparable/loss/Also/THOMPSON ASLETT/Colonel Commandant, Royal Marines/Died 26th August 1851 Aged 72/Also/HELEN. the beloved and youngest/daughter of the above, who departed/this life July 15th 1853./Deeply regretted
33. No visible details.
34. In Memory of/DANIEL GREEN Esq/who served 47 years in/H.M. 5th Regiment of Foot/and died near this garrison/21st February 1821. Aged 77/Also/SARAH GREEN, relict of the/above who died 11th March 1854/Aged 77/As a Soldier he was brave without ostentation /and as a Man, Honesty, Benevolence, and /Sincere friendship portrayed his character.
35. In Memory of/WYAT PASSINGHAM CASTLE Esq/Captain of the East Kent Militia/who suddenly departed this life/30th November 1824 Aged 50/Leaving a wife and four/children to lament their loss./Watch for ye know not the hour
36. In Memory of/Lieutenant JOHN MONTGOMERY/Royal Vet Battalion/who after serving His Majesty/11 Years/Died 28th June 1812 Aged 50
37. In Memory of/Lieut EDWARD CHARLES VINICOMBE/of the Royal Artillery/Died 22nd January 1821 Aged 36
38. THOMAS TOTTY Esq / Rear Admiral of the Blue /Died 2nd June 1802 Aged 57
39. Here repose the Mortal remains of /Colonel RONALD CAMPBELL/72nd Highlanders. Died 18th Dec 1811/Aged 43 Years/And of his Son, PETER LAWRENTZ/CAMPBELL Esq. A.C.F/late Lieutenant in the/Royal Scots Fusiliers/Born 31st March 1809/Died 4th Oct 1848/This tomb which the pious care of the/latter, intended as a tribute of affection/to the Memory of his father, has by the/inscrutable will of an all wise/Providence, become a Monument/of the Sorrow of his widow/and children for himself/Christ is the end of the love for/righteousness to everyone that believeth
40. SACRED/To the Memory of/RICHARD, the Son of the Hon./Robert and Grace Leeson./He was Born 11th February 1799/and educated at the Royal/Naval Collage, in this town,/and was unfortunately lost/in coming ashore, from H.M./Ship TIBER, on the evening of the/4th March 1818./Aged 19 Years and 21 days.
41. In Memory of/THOMAS HASSALL/late Midshipman of H.M.S./TIBER. Son of Thomas/Hassall Esq. of Hartshorne/in the County of Derby,/who was lost off Portsmouth/on the 4th March 1818. Aged 22.
42. In Memory of/JOHN WHEATSTONE Esq/1:11 late Major in the 53rd Regiment/who died on the 11th November 1835/Aged 70 Years/Also of the following Sons of the above/Ensign EDWARD WHEATSTONE/of the 54th Regiment/who died at Cauramore, in the/East Indies, on the 27th Dec 1830/Aged 22 Years/GEORGE JAMES WHEATSTONE/of the 68th Regiment/who died at sea, on his passage/to the East Indies,/on the 9th Jan 1839./Aged 28 Years.
43. In Memory of/The Hon. CHARLES TURNOUR/Lieutenant 65th Regt./Died February 23rd 1816/Aged 41
44. SACRED/To the Memory of/JOSEPH DRIFFIELD Esq./late Lieut.Colonel of His Majesty's/Marine Forces./Died 17th April 1801/Aged 71
45. In Memory of/WILLIAM HEWETT Esq/of Ilfracombe in the County of Devon/who died at Portsmouth 29th Nov 1826/Aged 50/And of his Son, THOMAS HEWETT/Lieutenant Royal Navy, who died at/Clatterford, in the parish of/Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight./Born 24th June 1788/Died 14th June 1839.
46. SACRED/To the Memory of/JANE STANLEY REAY/wife of John Reay Esq./Died 23rd August 1811. Aged 61/Also/JOHN REAY Esq./Died 21st November 1811. Aged 74
47. In Memory of/THOMAS WALSH Esq./of H.M. 15th Regt/who died July 17th 1795/from wounds received when/gallantly fighting in the field/of Martinique/Aged 44
48. Here lieth the body of/LEONARD POTTER/late Major in the 28th Regt/in which he served 22 Years/He died the 26th January 1796/Aged 42 Years A Soldier, and a Worthy Man
49. To the Memory of /Colonel GEORGE CUYLER C.B./11th Regiment of Foot/who died November 12th 1818/Aged 46 Years.
50. Beneath this tomb are deposited /the remains of Sir JAMES LUCAS YEO/Royal Navy. K.C.B./who died 21st August 1818/Aged 37/Also to the Memory of/GEORGE COSBY YEO/Lieut in the Royal Navy/who was killed on board/the Flagship of the late Admiral/Sir JOHN CALPOYS GRIFFITH/while in the execution of his duty,/in May 1819, at the age of 21./and who, at the early age of 17/received a Sword from the late/Emperor of Brazil, for his gallantry/when at Lisbon in 1807/He was brave, noble, and generous/This inscription is placed on this/tomb, by his two affectionate and/Surviving Sisters.
51. SACRED/To the Memory of/CLARISSA JACINTHA/wife of Major T.J. STERLING/Royal Marines/Died 17th Dec 1818. Aged 45./Also CHARLES JOSEPH ALLEN R.N./Son-in-law of the above/Died 9th July 1848 Aged 36 /leaving a bereaved widow and daughter /to deplore the loss of an affectionate/husband and father.
[Doubt about the accuracy of this transcription has been received from a descendant of Major Sterling. It is alleged that the son-in-law's name should read Charles Joseph Cater. Further details can be found in this Word document.]
52. In Memory of/ELIZABETH, wife of Phillip Taylor/who died the 18th May 1800/Aged 32 Years./Also two children of the said/Phillip and Elizabeth Taylor/JANE TAYLOR,/Died in her infancy July 1799/ANN HOLLIDAY TAYLOR/Died 31st December 1799/in the 2nd Year of her Age.
53. The remains of Lieutenant WILLIAM GRANT/are deposited in this place/He died Town Major of Portsmouth/the 30th September 1806/in the 79th Year of his Age./Also of ANN SHEPPARD/niece of the above/Died 17th December 1825/Aged 88 Years.
54. SACRED/To the Memory of/JOHN LOGAN CAMPBELL/son of John Campbell Esq./Inverness Militia/Died 12th September 1813/Aged 10 Months.
55. SACRED/To the Memory of /AMELIA HARRIOTTE/only daughter of Major/Frederick MacBean/of H.M. 84th Regiment/who died 11th February 1832/Aged 5 Years & 3 Months.
56. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lt.Col. GEORGE M. GREGOR C.B./OF H.M. 59th Regiment/Obiit 7th August 1828/AEtat 48.
57. SACRED/To the Memory of/THERESA,/only daughter of Dr. and Julia Leigh/of the 60th Regiment/who died after a protracted illness/8th September 1829/Aged 12 Years.
58. ERECTED/as a tribute of sincere affection/by Major William Persse, to the/Memory of his dear wife ELIZA/daughter of the Hon. Judge Moore,/who departed this life on board/the Roxburgh Castle, from India when/within reach of the British shore/after an absence of ten years/on the 26th May 1832/Aged 36 Years.
59. In Memory of/RICHARD ADNEY SYMES/late a 1st Lieutenant in/His Majesty's Royal Navy/son of Richard and Mary Symes/of Burton Bradstock, in the/County of Dorset/Died September 13th 1806/in the 25th Year of his Age./"In life beloved, in death lamented".
60. SACRED/To the Memory of/Colonel EDWARD CARTER HORNBY/late Commandant of the Portsmouth/Division of Royal Marines/Died 2nd January 1841 aged 67/Also ELIZABETH, wife of the above/who died 2nd April 1830 aged 55/Also ELIZABETH HALES, second/daughter of the above, who died/on the 21st June 1822 aged 22/Also Captain JAMES HALES/Father & G'father of the above/Died 16th March 1806, aged 89.
61. SACRED/To the Memory of/MARY HORNBY/a dear and affectionate Mother/who died February 26th 1812 aged 72/Also of MARY HORNBY,/daughter of the above/Died July 26th 1841 aged 74./Also of GREGORY O'DELL/son-in-law of the above,/Surgeon of H.M. Ship SCIPION,/who fell a victim to the/harmful climate of Batavia/Oct 11th 1841, in the 40th/year of his age/Also of ALICE O'DELL,/widow of the above/Died September 9th 1852, aged .../Her end was peace
62. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieut. WILLIAM M. MILLAR/Royal Artillery/who died on his passage home from/Flushing Sept 28th 1809/Aged 23
63. UNDERNEATH/are deposited the remains of/CECIL MAY DALTON/the infant son of Captain/CHARLES DALTON/Royal Artillery/and MARY his wife/Died 20th Dec 1832/Aged 3 Weeks
64. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieut. CHRIS W. GUISE/North Gloucester Regiment/who died 13th Oct 1803./Aged 20.
65. Near this spot lie the remains of /Mr EDWARD CHIVERS, late of/Blockhouse Fort, who/died in April 1797 aged 65./Also of ELIZABETH his wife/Died 7th Aug 1787. aged 52./They were united 30 years/and had 19 children/Their surviving posterity dedicated/this Memorial in grateful recollection/of their beloved parents./Also/To the memory of/ANN, wife of F.M. Chivers/Surgeon, Royal Navy/who died 28th Dec 1824/in her 33rd year/She was a dutiful child,/a faithful and affectionate wife/and a tender Mother.
66. SACRED/To the Memory of/LETITIA, the beloved wife of/Captain Calamy. Royal Marines/who died 31st August 1845/in the 60th Year of her age./Fare thee well thou art flown/From one that dearly loved thee/Heaven that claimed thee for it's own/Has thought it right to take thee./His will be done
67. SACRED/To the Memory of/RODERICK FRASER/who after serving 42 years/in the Army, died Barrack Sergeant/of this garrison/the 25th Nov 1809, in his 86th Year./Also ANN FRASER,/wife of the above/who died 22nd Jan 1825. Aged 83/Also HANNAH FRASER/who died 30th Oct 1842. Aged 5 Years/Also ANN BRIDGET FRASER/who died 2nd Nov 1842. Aged 6 Years.
68. Here rest the remains of Lieutenant General/FRANCIS, Baron de Rottenburg/K. C. H./who departed this life the/25th April 1832.
69. SACRED/To the Memory of/JOHN HUME/Surgeon in H.M. 59th Regiment/Obiit 12th August 1828. AEtat 51.
70. To the Memory of/GEORGE DUNSMORE/late Lieut. Colonel of the Portsmouth/Division of Royal Marines/who died 27th March 1833.
71. SACRED/To the memory of/LYDIA, the beloved wife of/Captain Joseph Walker R.M./who died 10th May 1833. Aged 47/Her domestic virtues rendered her/one of the best of Wives and Mothers./She was esteemed and regretted/by all who knew her.
72. To the Memory of/EDWARD JAMES OMMANEY/HORNBY./Son of Lieut Colonel Hornby/who died 19th May 1834. Aged 31.
73. SACRED/To the Memory of/WILLIAM THOMAS CLEMENTS/Captain of Royal Marines/who exchanged time for eternity/the 17th Oct 1833. Aged 47 Years./Thoroughly respected, leaving a/wife and three children to mourn/his irreparable loss./"In the Midst of life we are in death"./Also/MATILDA, wife of the above, who/died 3rd April 1839./Aged 36 Years.
74. In Memory of Lieut...
75. SACRED/To the memory of/ROBERT SIMPSON/late Midshipman of/H.M. Ship BLAKE./Born 23rd Feb 1791/Died 18th March 1813
76. BENEATH/are deposited the remains of/JOSEPH LUDDINGTON Esq/late Senior Lieut/of H.M. Marine Forces/Born 2nd July 1788/Died 4th July 1836./Also/FREDERICK JOHN FRANCIS/nephew of the above, and Son of/Captain John Freeman/late 17th Regt./Died 8th June 1838/in his 21st Year.
77. In Memory of/A. HORNER/late Master Gunner of Portsmouth/Died 7th March.... Aged../Also/P.HORNER, wife of the above,/Died 29th May 1802/Also/EDWARD LINZ GARDINER/who died 26th July 1789./Also/JAMES GARDINER/who died 17th Jan 1834./Aged 43 Years.
78. In Memory of/CHRISTOPHER HODGSON/Lieut in 84th Regt of Foot/youngest Son of Robert Hodgson Esq./Prince Edwards Island/He had just come from Jamaica/where he has served nearly seven years/with his Regt., and was one of the most/active, and successful Officers, in/putting down the Rebellion of 1832,/at the North side of the Island./As an Officer, Companion, friend and/parent, he gained the esteem of all/under whom he had served, and who/had the pleasure of making/his acquaintance./Obiit Dec 26th 1838. AEtat 33. /"Grant him 0 Lord, Eternal rest"
79. To the Memory of/Captain JAMES MacLAUGHLAN/of the Royal Engineers/Died 23rd May 1824. Aged 49./In life he exemplified the Christian/character, and in death, he enjoyed/it's consolation./Also/ELIZABETH, his wife who died on her/passage to England from the West Indies,/on the 22nd April 1824. Aged 51.
80. To the Memory of JOHN KOWE.
81. SACRED/To the Memory of/CHARLES CAMBRIDGE/son of Captain Harrison R.M.A./Died 15th Dec 1829./Aged 2 years and 7 months.
82. SACRED/To the Memory of WILLIAM …..
83. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieut DOVER FARRANT/Royal marine Artillery/who died Dec 24th 1834. Aged 41/leaving a widow and eleven children/to lament their irreparable loss./Also/EMMA CHARLOTTE, daughter of/the above, died July 13th 1837. Aged 17/Also/FRANCES SARAH, born March 12th 1826/Died June 2nd 1843,/Also/ROSA H. WILLIAMS FARRANT/daughter of the above/Died 8th January 1845. Aged 20
84. SACRED/To the Memory of/THOMAS LEWIS/who died 18th June 1835. Aged 62./Also/KATHERINE, daughter of the above/who died June 25th 1822. Aged 9/And/NELLIE, daughter of the above/who died ... October 1837. Aged 1.
85. To the Memory of/Lieut JOHN SHAW/34th Regiment/Died 8th March 1824. Aged 34.
86. Beneath this Stone/are deposited the remains of/Captain WILLIAM SIMPSON/Royal Navy/who died 28th August 1838. Aged 49.
87. SACRED/To the Memory of/CATHERINE, the beloved wife of/Captain WILLIAM LEWIS DAWES/Royal Marines/who died 17th Sept 1837 Aged 50
88. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieut WILLIAM HOPWOOD/Royal Wilts/of Bedhampton Park in this County/Aged 36/Also/MARY ANN, daughter of/William and Mary Hopwood/Aged 33/Also/WILLIAM EDWARD, son of/William and Mary Hopwood/Aged 39/Also/AMELIA BENNETTRINE, daughter of/William and Mary Hopwood/Aged 19.
89. In Memory of/RHODES WOLRIGE/Son of Captain Wolrige R.M.A./Died 30th March 1831./Aged 6 Years.
90. SACRED/To the Memory of/THOMAS GARMSTON Esq./late Paymaster of the/Worcestershire Regt. of Militia/who died 21st Oct 1838/Aged 60 Years.
91. SACRED/To the Memory of/ELIZA SEARLE, second daughter of/L Lieut. Richard Searle, R.M. who departed/this life on the 7th December 129 L Aged 17 Years & 7 Months. Also/SOPHIA LOUISA, daughter of/the above, who died 11th February 1830/Aged 19 Years & 4 Months./Also/RICHARD COLEMAN, son of/the above, who died 23rd March 1830/Aged 15 Years & 2 Months./"As many a fragrant bud, of promise rare,/Falls down beneath the Northern blast,/So drooped these cherished ones,/young, good, and fair,/life's gas scenes, all prematurely cast. 'et hope still whispers they'll revive again,/By Angels, wafted from the lonely tomb,/Raised, by a lively faith in Jesus's name,/In brighter, happier, scenes/L/again they'll bloom./Also/GEORGE COLEMAN SEARLE,/son of the above, who departed/this life 24th June 1840/Aged 16 Years & 3 Months.
92. In Memory of THOMAS,/eldest son of ........
93. SACRED/To the Memory of/JAMES ROBERT MENZIES,/infant son of Captain Charles/Menzies, Royal Marine Artillery,/and Knight of the Royal/Hanoverian Guelphic Order./Died 2nd Dec 1831 Aged 3 Days.
94. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieut. WILLIAM PERKINS R.N./who died 20th April 1812
95. SACRED/To the Memory of CHARLES EYRE Esq./late Captain in his Majesty's/1st, or Royal Regt. of Foot,/in which distinguished Corps/he served 27 Years./Obiit March 13th 1833/AEtat 42 Years.
96. To the Memory of/JAMES LONSDALE Esq./late Paymaster, King's Own Regt./who died 23rd September 1836/Aged 62./Also/JANE, relict of the above/James Lonsdale Esq./who died 25th December 1847/Aged 70 Years.
97. SACRED/To the Memory of/WILLIAM FISHER Esq./Assistant Commissary-General/who died ,26th March 1813/in his 61st Year.
98. SACRED/To the Memory of/RICHARD BYRON Esq./Rear Admiral of the White/Squadron of Her Majesty's/Fleet, and a Companion/of the Most Honourable/Military Order of the Bath./Died September 2nd 1837/Aged 68 Years.
99. SACRED/To the Memory of/SAMUEL BARRY M.D./Late Surgeon of the 89th Regt./who departed this life on the/18th October 1837/Aged 46.
100. Erected by/Captain Thomas John Grant/58th Regt/and Isabella his wife/in Memory of their beloved son/ALEXANDER/who died 18th November 1839/Aged 3 Years and 3 Months./Also/In Memory of their beloved daughter/SUSANNAH/who died 13th December 1839/in the second year of her age/Also/JASPER, who died in infancy/27th June 1840.
101. SACRED/To the Memory of/EDWARD JONES COXE/second son of/the Revd Charles Batson Coxe/of Nustown Lodge, Hungerford,/Berks./Lt & Adj.of the 64th Regt/Died 2nd Aug 1843 Aged 28 Years
102. SACRED/To the Memory of/MARY ANN, wife of/Captain W.H.J. Langley Tudor/of H.M. 58th Regiment or Queen's Own/who died 22nd May 1840. Aged 33./Also/of ADELAIDE ANN KITSON/daughter of the above named William Langley & Mary Ann/Tudor/who died 27th July 1831 Aged 5 Months.
103. SACRED/To the Memory of/EMILY TAGLIONI FRANCES/the beloved and much lamented/daughter of/Eleanor Elizabeth & William Sidney/Lukin Hales./Born 2nd March 1835 Died 7th April 1836/"Suffer the little children to come/unto Me, and forbid them not,/for of such is the Kingdom of God".
104. SACRED/To the Memory of /WALTER SCOTT REEVES/2nd Lieutenant R.M.A./drowned at Spithead/Sept 9th 1852. Aged 21/"Watch therefore for ye know not/what hour, your Lord doth come"
105. SACRED/To the Memory of /ABRAHAM ARMSTRONG,/Staff Surgeon, of this Garrison/who died 18th October 1849/Aged 70/"He died trusting in Jesus"
106. SACRED/To the Memory of/Captain ROBERT
107. To the Memory of/WILLIAM BIRRELL M.D./Fleet Surgeon 1st Class/a native of Dunfermline N.B./Died at Portsmouth 18th July 1849/Aged 56.
108. Sacred/To the Memory of/RODNEY HARLEY, late second mate/of H.M. Ship St VINCENT/and son of Lieut William Harley R.N./and Ann his wife, who was drowned/13th September 1805 Aged 22./ALSO/EDWARD WILLIAM HARLEY, his brother/of H.M. Ship St Vincent/who died of consumption/Aug 3rd 1834. Aged 19./Also/of their niece JANE MARY COOPER/the beloved child of/H.M. & George Cooper/of M...field/who died 1st Sep 1830./Aged 10 Months./Also/JANE MARY COOPER, the beloved wife/of George Cooper, and Mother of/Jane Mary Cooper./(Stone Broken.)
109. Lieutenant SEYMOUR YORKE BROWN R.N./Died February 3rd 1846. Aged 35./"Nevertheless not my will,/but thine be done".
110. TIDY/widow of Colonel Tidy C.B./late of the 25th Regiment/Died 13th March 1849.
111. SACRED/To the Memory of/FREDERICK WILLIAM MALTBY/Lieutenant Royal Marines/Born Jan 23rd 1811/Died June 9th 1846
112. SACRED/To the Memory of/Ensign FREDERICK WILLIAM/DARLEY/of the 77th Regt/only son of Captain Arthur/Darley, of the Royal Navy/who died at Portsmouth on/the 9th November 1848/in the 20th Year of his Age.
113. In Memory of/ROBERT, the beloved son of/William Campbell,/Garrison Sergeant Major/and Ann his wife/who died 17th Oct 1853/Aged 3 Years & 7 Months.
114. SACRED/To the Memory of/Captain WILLIAM BURNETT R.N./who died in Command of/H.M. Ship Magicienne/at Portsmouth, the 16th April 1840/Aged 26 Years.
115. SACRED/To the Memory of/JOHN SINCLAIR M.D./late Assistant Surgeon of/H.M. Ship Excellent/who died 25th Oct 1840 Aged 26
116. SACRED/To the memory of/RICHARD CHARLES SILETT/Captain in the Royal Regiment/of Artillery, who departed this life/the 28th December 1841, after his/return from Syria, and a period of/36 years devoted to the/Service of his Country.
117. In Memory of/WILLIAM PICKERING Esq./Captain in the Royal Navy/who died 31st March 1842. Aged 58.
118. SACRED/To the Memory of/WILLIAM BUTTERFIELD Esq./Rear Admiral in Her Majesty's Navy/who departed this life 5th Oct 1842./in the 71st Year of his Age.
119. SACRED/To the Memory of/JOHN GILMORE/son of John Gilmore/Garrison Sgt. Major of Portsmouth/Died 24th October 1842/Aged 9 Years & 10 months./Also/ELIZABETH MARY GILMORE/daughter of the above/Diedl2th March 1844/Aged 2 Months.
120. CAROLUS II REX A Reg. XXXIIII/(This stone was found about a foot under­ground in1887, by Mr J.J. Francis, Sexton and Verger, Royal Garrison Church.)
121. SACRED/To the Memory of/JAMES DAVID SIMMIE/who died the 5th March 1848/Aged 44.
122. In Memory of/CLARA, daughter of/Captain Ashmore/16th Regiment of Infantry/who died August 13th 1843/Aged 5 Months.
123. To the Memory of/HARCOURT GRANT/son of Captain Harcourt/13th Light Infantry/who died August 3rd 1843/Aged 5 Months.
124. In Memory of/FREDERICK, the son of/Captain Laye of the/Royal Artillery/who died 10th March 1793/Aged...
125. Major JOHN RIDLEY Royal Marines/Died 6th January 1826/Aged 50 Years.
126. MARY, wife of Lt.Col. Archibold Died 23rd March 1803/Aged 61 Years./Also the said Col. T. ARCHIBOLD/of the Royal Marines/Died January 2nd 1809/Aged 70 Years.
127. Captain JOHN CHALMERS /Died 2nd May 1770 /Aged 54 Years.
128. Here lyeth the body of/MARY, the wife of/Captain Robert Chalmers/who departed this life/16th September 1780/Aged 29 Years.
129. SACRED/To the Memory of/The hon. POWNELL FLEETWOOD/PELLOW/Lieutenant of the Royal Yacht/VICTORIA and ALBERT/who died on Christmas Day 1851/Aged 28.
130. SACRED/To the Memory of/SOPHIA, the beloved wife of/Captain Richard Searle R.M./who died 30th July 1851/Aged 64 Years./Also 4 children of the above/interred near this spot./"Her children arise up, and call her blessed;/her husband also, and he praiseth her"./Proverbs 31 verse 28./Also/Interred by Warrant of Home Secretary/RICHARD SEARLE, Major Royal Marines/husband of the above/who died at Greystones, Co. Wicklow/10th March 1863/Aged 75.
131. SACRED/To the Memory of/CHARLES DOUGLAS,/the beloved and eldest son of/Charles William Pearce Esq./Captain Royal Marines/and of Margaret Pearce his wife/who died 6th June 1847/Aged 7 Years & 3 Months.
132. SACRED/To the Memory of/Lieut. H.P.LEWIN R.M./youngest son of the late C.D.Lewin Esq./of Crowhurst, Kent./who departed this life 20th Dec 1846/Aged 36.
133. SACRED/To the Memory of/RICHARD SWALE Esq./Colonel and 2nd Commandant/of the Woolwich Division of/Royal Marines/Having served his country, gallantly/and faithfully for upwards of 48 Years,/He died universally lamented, on/the 6th December 1846/Also/RICHARD SWALE/who died 23rd February 1843/Aged 44 Years.
134. In Memory of/MARY YATES DRAKE/daughter of John B. Flanagan/Surgeon, 1st Dragoon Guards/and the beloved wife of/Mr John George Drake./she departed this life at/Portsmouth, the 24th Feb 1848/Aaed 26
135. SACRED/To the Memory of/WILLIAM HALLETT CONNOLLY/Lieutenant in the Royal Navy/and son of Major-General Connolly/who died at Southsea, 15th May 1850/in the 31st Year of his Age./Deeply lamented.
136. To the Memory of /MARY ELIZABETH /eldest daughter of/Captain Joseph Curtin/Governor of the Military Prison/Southsea Castle./who departed this life/October 4th 1849/Aged 7 Years & 4 Months.
138. SACRED/To the Memory of/Major JOHN BARNETT/late of her Majesty's 40th Regt/who died the 15th April 1848/Aged 73 Years.
139. SACRED/To the Memory of/JAMES MILL Esq/late of the 40th Regiment/Died May 7th 1847 Aged 60./Also/EMILY GEORGINA De CERJAT /granddaughter of the above/Died Feb 22nd 1854. Aged 7 Months/To the beloved Memory of/MARTHA, wife of the above/Died February 13th 1874./This slight testimony of respect, is/offered by her youngest Son/William Mill, in/remembrance of a Good Mother.
137. TO THE MEMORY OF/HENRY WHITE Esq./Captain and Town Major of/Portsmouth/who died the 23rd March 1849/Aged 68 Years/after a long and honourable career /of 38 years, jealously devoted to his /Country, on Active Service in various /parts of the world, having been in/18 actions, 5 times wounded, and for/23 years Town Major of this Garrison /esteemed and respected by all./Also/In Memory of JEAN, his beloved wife/who died at Durham, 14th Jan 1870/Aged 90 Years, and is interred there./Also/To the Memory of/Lieut. FREDERICK JOHN WHITE/of the Royal Marine Corps/4th Son of the above, who died/4th Oct 1834. Aged 39 Years./chiefly from the effects of Active Service/in various parts of the globe./Also/To the memory of/Lieut. HENRY HUGH WHITE, of the/Ceylon Rifle Regt. eldest son of/the above, who died at sea/Dec 18th 1835/from the effects of the climate/Aged 21 Years./Also/To the Memory of/Lieut. CHARLES WHITE, of the/13th Regt of Light Infantry/who likewise died at sea on/returning from the East Indies, from/the effects of the climate of that country/on the 16th April 1834. Aged 25 Years.
140. SACRED/To the memory of/Captain FREDERICK WOOD R.N. /Died March 6th 1847. Aged 48 Years. /Also/EMILY HENRIETTA WOOD/daughter of the above/who died November 22nd 1846/Aged 18 Years.
141. Here lie the Remains of/CHARLOTTE STATYRA HOPE/who died 30th June 1845/Aged 7 Years/only daughter of William Hope (Major)/and granddaughter of the/Right Hon. Charles Hope/Lord Justice General of Scotland.
142. SACRED/To the Memory of/Captain JOHN CHARLES TORRENS/OF THE Royal Artillery/youngest son of the late Major-General/Sir Henry Torrens K.C.B./Adjutant-General of the Forces/who died at Colwort Barracks/on the 14th March 1847./Aged 30 Years.
143. SACRED/To the Memory of/HENRIETTA ANN/eldest and beloved daughter of/Charles Holbrook Esq/Commander R.N./Died the 13th December 1846/Aged 15 Years & 5 Months.
144. In Memory of/LUCY ANNE/the only daughter of/Samuel and Ann Catherine/Irvine./Born 5th September 1830/Died 4th June 1846. "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the/day of trouble, and he knoweth them/that trust in Him"./Nahum chapter 1 verse 7.
145. SACRED/To the Memory of/ISABELLA ELIZABETH/third and beloved daughter of/Alexander Melvin Esq./Surgeon to the Forces,/who departed this life/the 1st November 1845/Aged 14 Years./Also/Lieutenant ALFRED JAMES/son of the above/Alexander Melvin Esq./late of the 91st Regiment/who was killed in action/in British Haffrana/the 29th December 1850/in the 26th Year of his Age/sincerely and deeply regretted./His remains are interred at Fort Hare.
146. SACRED/To the Memory of/GEORGE WEST/who departed this life/November 2nd 1845/Aged 42.
Further Information
There is a second list of burials at the Garrison Church in the Parish Records which can be seen at Many of the names appearing on that list also appear above, but the large number listed tell us that a great many headstones have been lost, if indeed they were ever erected.
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