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Milton Cemetery is located between Milton Road and Velder Avenue/Eastern Road, Portsmouth. The main gate is on Milton Road and is accessible to cars. There is a parking area just inside the gates.
Historical Information:
Milton Cemetery was opened in 1911, and contains war graves of both World Wars. The 1914-1918 burials are mainly in Plot I. After the war a Cross of Sacrifice was erected on the northern side of the chapel in honour of all the servicemen buried in the cemetery. The 1939-1945 War burials are widely spread throughout the cemetery.
The War Graves
There are 431 men and women whose graves are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission buried in the cemetery. We have listed them alphabetically according to the conflict in which they died. There are some who do not fit these categories and they have been listed separately.
The Grave References
Each of the graves identified in Milton cemetery is allotted a grave reference number according to it's location. This consists of a section letter(s), a row number and a grave number. An explanation of how to locate a grave accompanies a cemetery plan on each page. During office hours the Cemetery Managers office, just inside the main gate, is open to assist.

Alphabetical List of War Graves
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