In a secluded area at the back of the Rose Garden
A plaque on a boulder adjacent to the Japanese Garden.

Japanese Garden plaque
Japanese Garden (2005)
This is the stone of 'Tanabe Castle' that was built at the end
of 16th century. Another name for 'Tanabe Castle' is 'Maizuru
Castle' and the name is the origin of our city name.
Maizuru City Government donates this historical stone to the
Japanese Garden that is opened to commemorate sister city
link between Portsmouth and Maizuru.
We hope our friendship lasts forever. Mitsuoki Emori
Mayor of Maizuru, 2000 July


Further Information
Regrettably the Japanese Garden has had a somewhat chequered past having received the attentions of vandals from time to time. As of 2005 it is still looking a bit neglected.