This comprises four panels within a frame, all in oak and richly decorated with the Naval crown, carved laurel decorations and a scroll with the carved motto "Sans peur et sans reproche" ('Without fear and without reproach'). This Roll, together with the five Silver Memorial Side Drums and a wooden bass drum, comprise the official War Memorial to the Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and men of the Royal Marine Bands, who were trained at the Royal Naval School of Music, and lost their lives during the First World War. The cost was borne by every member of the Royal Naval School of Music, each of whom donated a day's pay.
This Roll of Honour was purchased during 1919 and was originally hung in the Concert Hall at Eastney, above the Silver Memorial Drums. It was subsequently transferred each time the School was relocated until, in 2012, it was hung in the new Memorial Room at the Royal Marines School of Music in HMS Nelson, Portsmouth. The Silver Memorial Drums and the wooden bass drum are held, under appropriate conditions, at the Royal Marines Museum.
John Ambler, Royal Marines Band Service Historian, March 2014

Memorial Board
The Royal Marine Band Service - 1918Click to enlarge
Inscription Panel 1
H.M.S. "MONMOUTH", 1 Nov. '14
Bandmaster 2
Band Corporal
  "           "
Band Boy
Barber, J.
Willmer, C.A.
Keywood, S.
Smitch, G.
Mole, G.E.
Carver, A.G.
Stevens, S.C.
McCaw, S.E.
Gray, H.
Hart, W.W.
Carnighan, W.
Norman, J.C.P.
Wernham, J.
Sawdy, A.
Augarde, A.E.
Balls, W.J.
Bennett, G.W.
Perratt, R.F.F.
Holmes, G.H.
Buckingham, W.A.
Bradshaw, A.
Pope, F.H.
Aylward, T.V.
Miller, R.
H.M.S. "BULWARK", 26 Nov. '14
Bandmaster WO
Band Corporal
Schofield, E.
Beaby, A.J.
Barrel, H.J.
Mahon, A.J.W.
Robertson, G.
King, H.
Godman, C.C.
Whichello, J.
Hope, A.T.
Moore, F.
Davis, F.
Campbell, D.
Hendry, W.G.
Averley, H.
Maxwell, W.        
H.M.S. "NATAL", 30 Dec. '15
Bandmaster 2
Band Corporal
Parker, A.G.
Harrison, J.A.
        Inscription Panel 2
H.M.S. "NATAL"    Contd.
Richardson, W.W.
Stevens, H.W.
Golsworthy, W.H.
Collier, G.
Hodges, C.H.
Overton, H.
Martindale, J.
Burchell, W.J.
Wilding, J.T.
Ship, F.
Dance, R.
Wilson, T.G.
Jamieson, S.E.J.        
H.M.S. "INVINCIBLE", 31 May '16
Bandmaster 2
Band Corporal
    "         "
Deacon, G.
Chance, T.J.
Jamieson, R.F.
Hearn, A.V.
Dolling, F.J.
Callis, S.
Shackleton, P.
Ridge, F.
Norman, G.
Rolls, J.
Beckett, W.
Clark, A.E.
Dunn, C.A.
Watson, A.J.
Howard, J.M.T.
Hutchings, G.W.
Maher, M.
Bandmaster 1
Band Corporal
Barham, G.J.
Schummaker, G.C.
Randall, W.H.
Creelman, J.
Cagney, T.
Foskett, H.J.
Henley, B.R.
Wiffen, W.J.
Weavers, H.
James, F.
Kirton, S.P.
Wiggins, E.J.

Inscription Panel 3
Gallagher, E.J.      Deacon, B.W.L.
Buckingham, E.
H.M.S. "QUEEN MARY", 31 MAY '16
Bandmaster 1
Band Corporal
Band Corporal
Taylor, J.A.
Wood, A.O.
Smith, T.H.
Dykes, W.
Wood, M.
Owens, J.S.
Gibson, R.
Richardson, H.
Wilmot, W.P.
Orme, G.
Buchanan, P.G.G.
Wood, F.W.
Steadman, J.W.G.
Thompson, R.B.
Overton, F.
H.M.S. "LION", 31 MAY '16
Hoad, J.H.
H.M.S. "INFLEXIBLE", 18 Mar '15
Lower, C.
Billings, S.J.
Kinsey, B.L.
Harper, A.J.
H.M.S. "CORNWALLIS", 9 Jan. '17
Gray, A.E.
        Inscription Panel 4
H.M.S. "VANGUARD" 9 Jul '17
Bandmaster 1
Band Corporal
Vitou, J.T.
Sayers, E.J.
Thorp, W.
Bullock, E.
Fuller, J.N.
Tring, E.
Easton, H.T.
Judson, V.E.
Males, A.E.
Langham, A.
Martin, A.J.
Nutt, F.
Harod, F.
Tebby, H.E.
Bushnell, J.T.        
H.M.S. "BRITANNIA", 11 Nov. '18
Skuse, D.J.
DIED 1914 - 1919
Bandmaster l
Bandmaster l
Bandmaster ll
Bandmaster ll
Leeder, C.T.
Cooper, H.
Woodman, E.R.
Smith, S.E.
Chipchase, W.G.
Curzon, G.E.
Buckley, R.G.
Craddock, V.H.
Clark, W.
Duffield, C.A.
Rea, A.L.
Raven, C.H.
White, R.F.
Bassford, S.
Webb, H.
Crafter, F.D.
Fenwick, W.
Rickes, G.H.
Boyd, W.A.
Reeves, H.A.


Ships and Establishments, with Dates, where 'Died 1914-1919' Losses Occurred.

Bandmaster I Leeder. C.T.
Bandmaster I Cooper. H.
Bandmaster II Woodman. E.R.
Bandmaster II Smith. S.E.
Chipchase. W.G.
Curzon. G.E.
Buckley. R.G
Craddock. V.H.
Clark. W.
Duffield. C.A.
Rea. A.L.
Raven. C.H.
White. R.F.
Bassford. S.
Webb. H.
Crafter. F.D.
Fenwick. W.
Rickes. G.H.
Boyd. W.A.
Reeves. H.A.

Gold Coast Regt
HMS Glory
HMS Conqueror
HMS Benbow
HMS Lion
HMS Caernavon
HMS Canada
HMS Monarch
HMS Crescent
HMS Caesar
HMS Caesar
HMS Princess Royal
HMS Monarch
HMS Commonwealth
HMS King

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