The memorial is in the Band Room, on the first floor of the main museum building.
It consists of a Charter, a Book of Remembrance and two sets of instruments.

Memorial (Charter)
Royal Marines bandsmen Charter
Book of Remembrance
Book of Remembrance
Instruments - 1

Instruments - 2

Instruments - 2 (Detail)
Some of the names inscribed upon the drum.
Inscription (Silver Drums)
'In Memory of the one hundred and forty-three WOs, NCOs and men of the RM Band Service who lost their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918, whilst serving in the following ships and theatres of war: HMS Bulwark; HMS Monmouth; HMS Inflexible; HMS Lion; HMS Natal; HMS Invincible; HMS Indefatigable; HMS Queen Mary; HMS Cornwallis; HMS Vanguard; HMS Glory; HMS Monarch; HMS Carnarvon; HMS Caesar; HMS Princess Royal; HMS Britannia; HMS Conqueror; Drake Battn, RND Gallipoli; West African Frontier Force. Presented by voluntary subscriptions from their comrades'


Book of Remembrance
"This Roll of Honour containing the names of men of the Royal Marine Bands and the Buglers Branch who lost their lives is part of the Band Service War Memorial for the Second World War."
Fanfare Trumpets
"These are part of a set of 14 trumpets in memory of all ranks of the Royal Naval School of Music who lost their lives in the 1939-45 War. The names of the ships in which the ranks died are inscribed inside the bells of the trumpets. They were paid for by voluntary subscriptions and were dedicated at the Royal Naval School of Music on the 1st of June 1948."
Silver Drums
"These are in memory of the 143 ranks of the Band Service who lost their lives in the Great War. They were paid for by voluntary subscriptions from all ranks of the Royal Naval School of Music and were dedicated here at Eastney on the 5th March 1921."
Bass Drum
The names of 143 men are inscribed around the outside of this drum. The names are as follows (as transcribed from the book "A Life On The Ocean Wave" by John Trendell):-.

HMS "MONMOUTH" - 1st November 1914
Bandmaster 2nd Class
Band Corporals
Band Boy
Barber J.
Willmer C.A.
Smitch G.
Mole G.E.
Balls W.J.
McCaw S.E.
Holmes G.H.
Carnighan W.
Pope F.H.
Sandy J.
Keywood S.
Augarde A.E.
Stevens S.C.
Peratt R.F.F.
Hart W.W.
Bradshaw A.
Wernham J.
Miller R.
Carver A.G.
Bennett G.W.
Gray H.
Buckingham W.A.
Norman J.C.P.
Aylward T.V.

HMS "BULWARK" - 26th November 1914
Bandmaster (WO)
Band Corporals
Schofield E.
Beaby A.J.
Barrell H.J.
Moore F.
King H.
Hendry W.G.
Maxwell W.

Hope A.T.
Robertson G.
Cambell D.
Whichello J.
Mahon A.J.W.
Davis F.
Godman C.C.
Averley H.
HMS "INFLEXIBLE" - 18th March 1915
Musician Lower C.    

HMS "NATAL" - 30th December 1915
Bandmaster 2nd Class
Band Corporals
Parker A.G.
Harrison J.A.
Richardson W.W.
Burchell W.J.
Collier G.
Dance R.
Jamieson S.E.J.
Martindale J.
Goldsworthy W.H.
Ship F.
Overton H.
Stevens H.W.
Wilding J.T.
Hodges C.H.
Wilson T.G.

HMS "INVINCIBLE" - 31st May 1916
Bandmaster 2nd Class
Band Corporals
Deacon G.
Chance T.J.
Hearn A.V.
Clark A.E.
Shackleton P.
Howard J.M.T.
Rolls J.
Jamieson R.F.
Beckett W.
Callis S.
Watson A.J.
Norman G.
Maher M.
Dolling F.J.
Dunn C.A.
Ridge F.
Hutchings G.W.

HMS "INDEFATIGABLE" - 31st May 1916
Bandmaster 1st Class
Band Corporal
Barham G.J.
Schummaker G.C.
Randall W.H.
Weavers H.
Foskett H.J.
Wiggins E.J.
Buckingham E.
Wiffen W.J.
Cagney T.
Kirton S.P.
Gallagher E.J.
Greel man J.
James F.
Henley B.R.
Deacon B.W.L.

HMS "QUEEN MARY" - 31st May 1916
Bandmaster 1st Class
Band Corporals
Taylor J.A.
Wood A.O.
Dykes W.
Buchanan P.G.G.
Gibson R.
Thompson R.B.
Smith T.H.
Orme G.
Owens J.S.
Steadman J.W.G.
Wilmot W.P.
Wood M.
Wood F.W.
Richardson H.
Overton F.

HMS "LION" - 31st May 1916
Musician Hoad J.H.

DRAKE BATTALION, Royal Navy Brigade
Musicians Billings S.J.
Kensey B.L.
Harper A.j.

HMS "CORNWALLIS" - 9th January 1917
Musician Gray A.E.

HMS "VANGUARD" - 9th July 1917
Bandmaster 1st Class
Band Corporal
Vitou J.T.
Sayers E.J.
Thorp W.
Langham A.
Tring E.
Harod F.
Bushnell J.T.
Mates A.E.
Fuller J.N.
Nutt F.
Judson V.E.
Bullock E.
Martin A.J.
Easton H.T.
Teddy H.E.

HMS "BRITANNIA" - 11th November 1918
Musician Skuse D.J.

DIED 1914-1919
Bandmasters 1st Class
Bandmasters 2nd Class
Leeder C.T.
Woodman E.R.
Chipchase W.G.
Bassford S.
Craddock V.H.
Fenwick W.
Refi A.L.
Reeves H.A.
Cooper H.
Smith S.E.
White R.F.
Buckley R.G.
Crafter F.D.
Duffield C.A.
Boyd W.A.
Curzon G.E.
Webb H.
Clark W.
Rickes G.H.
Raven C.H.


Further Information
See: www.royalmarinesbands.co.uk/history/memorials.htm for further information about the memorial and a full transcript of The Charter.