On the northern side of the main gate to Gunwharf (opposite the end of Park Road).

The HMS Vernon Figurehead
Inscription (Plaque)
On 17th May 1664
a warrant was issued by Charles II
for the purchase of the ground, buildings and
wharf at Gunwharf for use by the Royal Navy.
The site remained in operational use from
this date, with particular strategic importance
during WWI and WWII, operating under the
name of HMS Vernon from 1923.
In 1996 Berkeley Homes commenced the
regeneration of the site for residential
and commercial use, which
was completed in 2010.

Further Information
There is some doubt that the warrant issued in 1664 referred to Gunwharf as at the time there was no land, buildings or wharf in existence to purchase there, the area still being part of the harbour. A more detailed examination of the evidence appears on the History in Portsmouth website.