Near the corner of Grand Parade and Penny Street, near the Royal Garrison Church.
The plaque is high on the wall of one of the houses facing the towards the sea.

Services and Prisoners of WW1

To the immortal memory of the officers, noncommissioned officers & men of the Royal Navy and Marines, Air Force and Mercantile Marines of this city who fell on land and sea in the Great War with Germany 1914-1914. Upholding in their noble deaths the glorious traditions of the Great Services to which they belonged And by their inspiring example holding high for future generations the great standard of Duty And the Divine Law of Sacrifice for which they died.
Their imperishable deeds, unsurpassed in the history of the World, are enshrined for ever in the heart of their country which remembers them with undying gratitude and honours them for all they suffered and achieved.
Also in sacred remembrance of all those brave men who as prisoners of war, died in captivity In Germany, Mesopotamia, Turkey and other foreign lands.
Captives in the hands of their enemies, they faced with unbroken spirit and unconquerable courage unspeakable sufferings and privations. They created under the most tragic conditions new ideals Of courage fortitude and endurance, upholding to the last the Honour of their Country and the Great Traditions of their race for which they died.
We know they have passed from Death unto Life. Grant them O God. Eternal Rest.