This memorial was formerly situated on Grand Parade near the Royal Garrison Church.
The monument is in the form of an old Irish cross made of Sicilian marble, the plinth is of red Mansfield stone, serpentine and green marbles, and the sub-plinth of granite. It is 21 feet high with an arm width of 6 feet.

Liverpool Regiment
Memorial (In Chelsea)

Memorial (In Liverpool)
Liverpool Regiment
Memorial (Plaque)

Memorial (In Portsmouth)
The memorial to the 8th Kings, Liverpool Regiment of Foot in Portsmouth c1870

This memorial commemorated the officers and men of The 8th, The King's, Liverpool Regiment of Foot, who lost their lives between 1857-58 suppressing the Great Sepoy Mutiny. It was originally intended that the memorial be erected at the Chelsea Hospital in London, the home of British War Veterans. However, permission for the erection being refused, the regiment decided to site it on Grand Parade in Portsmouth, where it was erected in 1863. It was not destined to stay there long though.
From the outset the erection at Portsmouth was always seen as second best, especially given the location of the site. In the Hampshire Telegraph of April 25th 1863 it was reported that, "(the memorial's) effect is considerably diminished by the peculiar position in which it is placed. It is erected at the foot of the slope leading to the ramparts, and looks as if it has been deposited there to await an opportunity for its removal to a more suitable place".
In fact the memorial had to wait 14 years before being moved to Chelsea Hospital in 1877, after permission had been belatedly granted. There it stayed for 34 years, eventually moving to it's current site in Whitley Gardens, Shaw Street, Liverpool in 1911. The City of Liverpool was selected as the final location when that city was chosen as the territorial home of the Battalion. Even then, though, the memorial received less respect than one might have imagined, it's removal to the City occurring at much the same time as the erection of another memorial to the regiment. This was a much grander affair, commemorating the regiments role in the Boer War, and being sited in the more prestigious St John's Garden. As a consequence, the original memorial has become somewhat neglected, and though some effort was made by the regiment to restore it in 1998, nothing seems to have been done.
The memorial as it now stands has four plaques around it's base. Three commemorate the erection in Portsmouth, the move to Chelsea and the subsequent move to Liverpool. The fourth plaque reads as follows:-

OF 1857-1858

This inscription appears in the Historical Record of the regiment (third edition, published in 1904) which goes on to state that the inscriptions on the other three sides read "DELHI CAPTURED", "AGRA DEFENDED" and "LUCKNOW RELIEVED". Plainly the current inscriptions could not not have appeared on the original memorial, but no record has been found to explain why they were altered.
The Historical Record then lists the names of the 243 officers and men as below. There is some evidence to suggest these names were supposed to have been carved onto the memorial cross but for whatever reason, this did not happen.
Officers - Colonel R.H.W. Hartley, Lieutenants W.W. Pogson, T.B. Grierson, T.M. Vincent, W.R. Webb, J.E.W. Black, Ensign W.H. Mountsteven, Quartermaster J. Ross.
Sergeants - D. Jones, M. Devette, G. Ketton, G. Cox, H. Sharrocks, J. Paulden, G. Holmes, J. Dyson, C. Dundas, J. Harris, J.F. Edwards, S. Brewer, C. Kelly, J. Smith, J. Clarkson, D. Prior, B. Perry, B. Walters, H. Wright Corporals - J. Farrell, W. Robinson, P. Lee, W. Ridsdale, J. Murphy, J. Stockard, F. Blake, J. Farnan, L. Fletcher, W. James, G. Candler, J.W. Jones, A. Robertson, C. Lampett, P. Kelleher.
Drummers - F. Gay, J. Greenall, T. Mara, J. Moore.
Privates - G. Bishop, J. Gallagher, J. Donovon, P. Crawley, J. Keatinge, W. Murphy, J. McGuire, P. M'Girvie, A. Bain, M. McCarthy, M. Jordan, W. Collis, J. Bailey, W. Grives, W. Bolton, J. Dooling, T. McKay, A. Noah, J. Millan, T. Regan, J. Biss, G. Elms, W. Shapter, L. Cousins, T. McSweeney, S. Bratby, W. Dumerick, J. Malone, R. Ranger, F. Tudgay, D. Shea, C. Davis, J. Bridges, P Weedon, C. Curren, H. Williainson, J. Bryan, W. Johnson, J. Mitten, W. Roberts, T. Hardern, P. Connor, C. Barthrupt, James Turner, John Turner, T. Taylor, P. Bryan, B. McGuire, M. Dahey, W. Spikesman, T. Hanlon, M. Canahan, S. Marsden, J. Bryant, T. Downey, D. Twine, D. Shanahan, H, Baker, J. Field, D. White, H. Podgers, W. Salter, J. Beal, S. Pinnell, T. Lawless, W. Russell, W. Walsh, E. Corcoran, J. Hardern, C. Bryant, E. Morgan, C. Little, J. Smith, W. Rollston, J. Smith, R. Clowser, J. Dennison, J. Hishnell. H. Foley, J. H. White, A. Nelson, W Brumade, J. Middlecolt, J. McColley, W. Yendell, P. Hennessey, J. Halloran, W. Dunn, J. Healey, J. Rattan, C Mills, H. McKeon, H. James, M. Keough, R. Peters, P. Clarke, T. Ford, J. Bartlett, J. G. Crump, T Flinn, J. Morcombe, W. Boundford, R. Sayers, C. Fuller, C. Kidney, J. Raynard, T. Davis, J. Bray, W. Curtis, W. Ray, G. Thomas, J. Gough, J.Finn, J. Holmes, B. Markham, B. Davis, J. Barry, D. Funkie, J. May, W. Watters, W. Gretorix, C. Hazel, W, Taft, H. McGill, J. Cunningham, T Robinson, W. Sidebottom, T. Mount, J. Mitchell, P. McMahon, T. Lucas, S. Bidder, T. Smith, J. Mahoney, W. M'Farlane, 0. Murphy, E. Hughes, J. Garlick, T Burrows, J Roach, C. Keleher, W. Hall, W. Kirwin, J. Medstone, E M'Kee, G. Wortley, G. King, J. Shackleton, J. Mitchell, T. Sellers, R. Uglow, W. Waring, M. Dwyer, W. Jones, M. Shea, W Lee, G. Lee, W. Brown, W. Ramsey, D. Price, G Highton, J. Constable, W. Bullough, P. Attwood, T. Riley, J Irwin, J. Russell, E. Whiteway, G. Mills, G. Hooper, W. Jenkins, W. Radford, W. S. Robinson, G. Trim, P Whelan, T. Collins, J. Barrett, W. Sher, F. Parker, F. Wint, W. Ellis, A. Milligan, W. Jones, C. Wnght, H. Harris, H. Salt, G. Discombe, W. Dowse, D. Sullivan, W. Hinds, J. Jacobs, W. Armston, W. White, W. Gage, A. Harrod, F. Hart, R. M'Leod.


There is a bench plaque to the 8th (The Kings) Regiment in the Royal Garrison Church.
The photos of the memorial from Liverpool appear courtesy of Dave Wood and his Liverpool Pictorial web site. The three photos of the memorial in Portsmouth are copies of originals held in Portsmouth Museum and Record Office

The Liverpool Regiment of Foot memorial in Portsmouth
The memorial and the Royal Garrison Church
The Liverpool Regiment of Foot memorial in Portsmouth
The memorial and Grand Parade