On the East wall of the chancel, behind a screened off area in the North-East corner of the church. It is beneath a window presented as part of the memorial.

Sir Frederick Frankland
Sir Frederick Frankland Window
SIR FREDK W FRANKLAND (8th Baronet of Thirkleby, Yorkshire) who died March 11th 1878
- and of -
DAME KATHARINE MARGARET his wife who died nov 16th 1871
- also of their three gallant sons -
FREDK ROGER, Midshipman HMS "REVENGE" who died of fever at Sierra Leone Jan 23rd 1845
THOMAS, Lieut 48th M.N.I. killed in action at the Secunderbagh Nov 17th 1857
HARRY ALBERT, Midshipman HMS "ALARM" who died of yellow fever at Vera Cruz May 9th 1847
- also of their youngest daughter -
MARIA MARGARET ISABELLA, who died of cholera at Frankfurt on the Main Aug 25th 1860
- also of their baby Grandson -
FREDK FRANKLAND VACHER who died of bronchitis at Colchester April 15th 1865
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so saith the spirit for they rest from their labours"
This window and tablet were placed in this church by their loving daughter Mrs EHA VACHER 1880