On the north side of the junction between Fawcett Road and Heyward Road, Southsea.

The Memorial
St Matthews Church
Circus Church exterior

Leigh Buick
James Drover
   H.M.S. Black Prince.
George Stanley Kewney
William Baker
Alfred Boggurst
Thomas James Trott
Albert Jeremiah Clark
Frederick John Clark
Robert Gibson
Arthur Blackmore
Thomas Weber
Donald Frazer Keily
   H.M.S. Queen Mary.
John Kean
Frederick William Hammond
Charles Finis Ottrey
Archibald Dunnaway
Edmund Charles Dexter
John Davis
William Kingswell
Herbert Fenton
Arthur Conaey
Herbert Lewis Mitchell
James Mitchell
Walter James Cousens
David Harry Ivey
Reginald Cook
   H.M.S. Invincible.
William Harold Froome
   H.M.S. Lion
Ernest Sidney Starmore
Joseph Rowley
George Thomas Stallard
John Herbert Webb
Clarence Norman Tanner
   2nd Portsmouth Batt.

Percival Bentley Roberts
   H.M.S. Hampshire.
Thomas George Earle
   H.M.S. Shark
Daniel Hogan
   H.M.S. Defence
John Alfred White
   H.M.S. Begonia
Henry William Cook
   Royal Horse Artillery
Arthur Merriott
   Gloucester Regt.
James Seymour
   3rd Batt. Rifle Brigade
Harold Percy Dixon
   Northumberland Fusiliers
William Henry Neate
Charles Ash
Ernest Edward Over
Gordon Alleyne Grunsell
Sydney Smith
John Henry Creasy
Edward Hutchinson
Arthur James Riches
Gordon Stafford Edwards
Walter Wardlow
John Wardlow
George Luff
Alfred George Chittenden
George Coles
Albert Martin
James May
Francis Charles Castle

John Albert Woodgate
Charles John Crowther
Alfred Edward Brown
Arthur John Brakespere
Henry Charles Bishop
Robert Lloyd
Alfred Henry Adames
William Arthur Barfoot
William Storrie Aitken
Walter Joseph Cates
Sydney Lethbridge
William Hatchard
John Edgar
   H.M.S. Bulwark.
Arthur Mountain
   1st Worcester Regt.
Fred Mitchell
   2nd Leinster Regt.
William Bartingale
   H.M.S. Goliath
Arthur Henry John Pitt
Frank Jerred
Henry Russell
Edward Hall
John Found
Charles Leonard le Baron-Whyte
Albert George Sturrock
Ernest Perrett
William Henry Cottrell
John Cole
   H.M.S. Good Hope.
Percy Forrester Moss
   H.M.S. Hawke
William Chorley
Charles Henry Witt
Joseph Fairchild
   H.M.S. Lynx.

Thomas William Carpenter
   1st Lanes. Fusiliers.
Bert Nool
James Mitchell
Richard Harry Newman
   H.M.S. Pathfinder
John Langridge
John Herbert McNorvell
   H.M.S. Viknor
George Chard
   H.M.S. Tiger
Frederick William Earle
   H.M.S. Fisgard
Edward Alfred Farmer
Albert Edward Wareham
   H.M.S. Monmouth
George Heath
Charles Pickett
Richard Felstead Pickett
Charles Timothy Tracey
   2nd Lincolns
Benjamin Hyde
Frederick Clack
Archibald Norris
   H.M.S. Grasshopper
William Hayes
   H.M.S. Fortune
Charles Henry Hoar
Frederick William Palmer
Leonard Albert Roberts
   H.M.S. Black Prince.


Further Information
St. Matthews was originally a Mission Church which was established in 1889. In 1904 it was decided to split the parish of St. Bartholomew and create a new parish of St. Matthew. The vicar was to be Bruce Cornford, a charismatic high churchman with lofty ambitions. For him the old Mission Church was not big enough and so a new church was needed. This was to be built on land between Heyward Road and Fawcett Road. It was finally opened in 1924 at which time the old church was converted into a Parish Hall.
Neither the new nor the old church survived WW2, the old being completely demolished and the new being left without a roof. A new parish hall was built on the site of the old and a new church dedicated to the Holy Spirit was created from the newer St. Matthews.
Thanks to Peter Lapic for the information that made this page possible.