The porch gates are on the south side of the nave. If they were originally accompanied by a plaque it is now lost.

Memorial Gates
The Porch Gates
Winchester Memorial
Winchester College Memorial
Further Information

No transcript of a plaque has survived, if indeed one ever existed. The only document which mentions the dedication of the gates to the Old Wykehamists is a presentation leaflet celebrating the restoration of the church which was probably published around 1874. If this date is correct then it would explain why Archdeacon Wright did not include it in the History of the Domus Dei which was published in 1873. There is a memorial to the Old Wykehamists in the chapel at Winchester College from which is taken the text below.
Frederick Grote Barker, Lieutenant, 68th Light Infantry. Killed at the Battle of Inkerman, 5th November 1854, age 21 years
Charles Henry Beck, Lieutenant, 23rd Royal Welch Fusileers. Died at sea 29th September 1855 of wounds received at the assault on the Redan, age 19 years
Robert Edward Boyle, Lieutenant Colonel Coldstream Guards. MP, son of Edmund, Earl of Cork and Orrery, Died of fever at Varna, 3rd September 1854, age 44 years
Henry Thomas Butler, Captain, 55th Regiment of Foot, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General. Killed at the Battle of Inkerman, 5th November 1854, age 41 years
John Charles Conolly, Captain, 23rd Royal Welch Fusileers. Killed at the Battle of Alma, 20th September 1854 age 33 years
Frank John Curtis, Lieutenant, 46th Regiment of Foot. Killed in the trenches, 2 May 1855, age 23 years
Richard Greville Deane, Ensign, 30th Regiment of Foot. Killed at the assault on the Redan, 8th September 1855, age 18 years
James Bullen Dennis, Lieutenant, 3rd Buffs. Died 4th October 1855 of wounds received in the trenches before Sebastopol, 19th August 1855, age 21 years
John Jackson Lowth, CB, Lieutenant Colonel, 38th Regiment of Foot. Died on landing at Portsmouth, 28th July 1855, from wounds received on 18th June. Age 51 years
Arthur Francis Maine, Lieutenant, 77th Regiment of Foot. Died in camp, 21st November 1854, age 22 years
Walter Trevelyan, Colonel, Coldstream Guards. Died of Cholera at Varna, 21st August 1854, age 56 years
Samuel Twyford, RN, Lieutenant HMS London. Killed in the trenches while serving in the Royal Naval Brigade, 9th April 1855, age 25 years
Edward Henry Webb, Lieutenant, 88th Connaught Rangers. Killed in the attack on the Quarries, 7th June 1855, age 22 years