At the western end of the northern wall inside the church.

St Matthews Parishioners
(Left Panel)
John H Anson
Harry Frank Ayling
Alfred E Batchelor
Samuel Birch
William Cottrell
H Finch Dawson
John Dixon Dodds
EH McArthur Dyer
Stanley S Edgell
T Element
George Elmer
William Featherstone
Herbert Fenton
William Ford
Henry Fuller
Francis Gregory
Sideny Hagan
Joseph Harper
Frank Edward Hewitt
George H Hewitt
James F Histead
Charles H Hoar
George W Holloway
George W Hollyer
JF Jennings
Charles E Jupp
Herbert E Kent
John McNorbell
William Melvin
Harry Morgan
Charles Parkes
Frederick W Pratt
Walter J Read
Charles Ripener
J Rowley
William W Scott
John Spendlove
Harry Tildesley
Arthur Turner
Benjamin White
CL Le Baron Whyte
Walter P Wilmott
(Right Panel)
Archibald Anderson
Arthur W Bailey
Cyril Brunnen
Frederick W Buick
Albert Butler
Sidney Clark
Ernest Cole
John J Cutler
Francis G Davis
Percy E Dennis
Horace Adams Dolby
Frederick C Fisher
Robson C Forster
Herbert S Frampton
Frederick Garner
William C Grant
Austin E Green
William Ham
Arthur Hannel
LE Harper
JGM Henderson MC
Frederick C Hyson
Robert H Hyson
Stuart R Malcolm
Walter W Marchant
Henry J Marshall
Edwin T Mitchell
Rowland Moody
Walter Oliver
Wilfred T Over
William J Palmer
George A Payne
EJ Phillips
Archibald E Rex
Frederick Rivers
Frederick A Rogers
Roderick Ross
David H Sabine
Harry Shepherd
Herbert F Tappenden
Alfred Tarrant
Philip Western
Arthur A Whiting
Albert E Willmot
Charles Young

Remember our men who
died that we might live
1914 - 1919



Further Information
See separate memorial for Samuel R Malcolm
Search on the names at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for details