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Plan of Milton Cemetery

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Private, 4482,
3rd Aust. Gen. Hosp., Australian Army Medical Corps.
Died of sickness 18 January 1916. Age 31.
Son of Edward George and Emilie Wake;
husband of V. E. Wake,
of 45, High St., North Sydney, New South Wales.
Born at Scottsdale, Tasmania.
Grave Ref. H. 19. 8.

Sapper, 519473,
559th Hants Army Troops Coy., Royal Engineers.
Died: 4 November 1919. Age 30.
Husband of Maud Jessamine Waldron,
of 250, Somers Rd. North, Fratton.
Grave Ref. I. 16. 34.

WALKER, Winifred Lucy
Worker, 13980,
Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps.
attd. (Portsmouth), Royal Engineers
Died: 26 September 1918.
Grave Ref. M. 6. 24.

Wall, George Savoury Lipscombe
Lance Corporal, 6104,
37th Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F.,
Died: Drowned 3 August 1918. Age 25.
Son of Francis Gordon Wall and Blanche Wall,
of Wells Rd., Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia.
Born at Thorpdale, Victoria.
Grave Ref. H. 19.6.

WELDON, George William
Serjeant, M2/052640,
M.T., Army Service Corps.
Died: 11 February 1916. Age 23.
Son of William and Georgina Weldon,
of 57, Kingsley Rd., Milton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. C. 1. 8.

WELLINGS, Arthur George
Gunner, 6376,
H.M.S. "Benbow", Royal Marine Artillery.
Died: 11 May 1921. Age 38.
Husband of Ida K. Wellings,
of 31, Tranmere Rd., Milton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. E. 8. 1.

Petty Officer Stoker, 309122,
H.M.S. "Victory", Royal Navy.
Died: 8 June 1918.
Grave Ref. L.14.30.

WHITE, Matthew
Officer's Steward 1st Class, 366374,
H.M.S. "Excellent", Royal Navy.
Died: 2 December 1916. Age 26.
Son of Matthew and Ellen H. White,
of 5, Monmouth Rd., North End, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. I. 7. 50.

Whitfield, Arthur Henry
12th Bn., Tank Corps.
Died: 14 January 1921. Age 31.
Son of Henry Charles and Fanny Louisa Whitfield,
of 71, Marmion Rd., Southsea.
Grave Ref. F. 13. 28.

Gunner, 55436,
48th Heavy Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Died: 23 March 1916.
Grave Ref. L.6.51.

Private, S3/030060,
Army Service Corps.
Died: 2 August 1917. Age 41.
Husband of Laura Lane (formerly Williams),
of 35, Alverstone Rd., Milton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. J. 9. 24.

Petty Officer 2nd Class, 121052,
H.M.S. "Vemon", Royal Navy.
Died: 26 September 1917.
Grave Ref. B. 1. 57.

Private, 129035,
Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).
Died: 22 October 1918. Age 20.
Son of Charlotte Woodman,
of 6, Claremont Buildings, Fairfield Park, Bath.
Grave Ref. L.13.57.

WOOR, George
Sapper, 288726,
12th Bn., Canadian Railway Troops.
Died: 11 March 1918.
Grave Ref. L. 6. 37.

WOTTON, Arthur John
Electrical Artificer 2nd Class, M/992,
H.M.S. "Caledon", Royal Navy.
Died: 13 December 1918. Age 31.
Son of John Edward and Sarah Wotton;
husband of Bessie Wotton,
of Mayors Avenue, Dartmouth, Devon.
Grave Ref. I. 14. 46.

YOUNG, John Walter
Serjeant, 52102,
M S M, "A" Bty. 93rd Bde., Royal Field Artillery.
Died: 20 June 1918. Age 48.
Son of Walter and Sarah Young,
of Abbott's Arm, Andover, Hants.;
husband of Mary Fortune Young,
of 8, Priorsdean Avenue, Copnor, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. I. 1. 57.


VENABLES, Frederick James
Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/272177,
H.M.S. Dolphin., Royal Navy.
Died: 28 April 1943.
Grave Ref. F. 10. 31.

VINCE, Leonard Rhyeas
Lieutenant (E), MBE,
H.M.S. Verulam., Royal Navy.
Died: 14 June 1946. Age 45.
Son of Rhyeas and Alice Jane Vince, of Portsmouth;
husband of Nellie Frances Vince, of Gosport.
Grave Ref. D. 18. 31.

WALLACE, Robert Duncan
Corporal, 7629003,
Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
Died: 8 March 1944. Age 29.
Son of Robert and Florence Wallace;
husband of Kathleen Mabel Wallace, of Copnor.
Grave Ref. F. 5. 22.

Apprentice Tradesman, B/4149,
Army Technical School (Boys).
Died: 14 January 1941. Age 16.
Son of Nelson Harry and Emily Alice Ward, of Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. M. 1. 46.

WATTS, Derek Ernest Charles
Private, 14406977,
7th Bn., Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment).
Died: 16 May 1945. Age 21.
Son of Oliver Ernest and Gladys Gertrude Watts, of Southsea.
Grave Ref. CC. 14. 11.

WEBB, Leslie James
Lance Corporal, 5497872, MM,
1st Bn., Hampshire Regiment.
Died: 14 June 1944. Age 27.
Son of Frederick and Elsie Chalmers, of North End, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. B. 10. 56.

WELLER, Henry Ernest Seaward John
Warrant Shipwright,
Royal Navy.
Died: 12 November 1945. Age 44. in Queen Alexandra Hospital of a cerebral haemorrhage.
Son of Henry and Alice Weller;
husband of Ethel Muriel Welter, of Widley.
Grave Ref. BB. 5. 26.

WICKHAM, George Arthur
Flight Sergeant, 863430,
Royal Air Force (Auxiliary Air Force).
Died: 30 August 1941.
Grave Ref. U. 15. 37.

WILD, Walter Frank
Master at Arms, P/M 35812, MSM,
H.M.S. Excellent., Royal Navy.
Died: 8 January 1947. Age 52.
Son of Martin Victor and Louise Ellen Wild;
husband of Emily Lauretta Augusta Wild of Copnor.
Also served in the 1914-18 War.
Grave Ref I. 8. 64.

WILLIAMS, Mabel Edith
Private, W/65504,
Auxiliary Territorial Service.
Died: 2 July 1942.
Grave Ref. Y. 11. 21.

WILLIAMS, Percy James
Serjeant, 819490,
367 Bty., 140 Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery.
Died: 9 April 1943. Age 35.
Son of Pte. Walter J. Williams, R.A.S.C. (died on active service, 2nd August, 1917), and Laura A. Williams, of Milton, Southsea.
Grave Ref. J. 9. 24.

WOODCOCK, Paul Joseph
Sergeant (Pilot) 1312846,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died: 15 October 1942. Age 20.
Son of Frederick John and Maria Josephine Woodcock, of Southsea.
Grave Ref. M. 16. 51.

WORTH, Allan Edward James
Private, 14887702,
General Service Corps.
Died: 22 January 1945. Age 18.
Son of Frank Edmund and Rachel Ann Jessie Worth, of Fratton, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Z1. 5. 5.

YATES, Arthur
Stoker 1st Class, P/KX 76019,
H.M.S. Victory., Royal Navy.
Died: 7 March 1942. Age 37.
Son of Joseph and Charlotte Yates;
husband of Minnie Frances Yates, of Landport, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. X. 12. 22.

YOUNG, Austen George
Signalman, 2591391,
6th A.A. Div. Sigs., Royal Corps of Signals.
Died: 2 December 1941. Age 29.
Husband of Evelyn Marjorie Young, of Bexleyheath, Kent.
Grave Ref. X. 20. 27.

YOUNG, Frederick Donald
Leading Aircraftman, 1298655,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died: 1 September 1942. Age 20.
Son of Frederick George and Mary Jane Young, of Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Y. 18. 41.

YOUNG, Victor Field Marshall
Sapper, 2000651,
Royal Engineers.
Died: 20 April 1941.
Son of Ernest and Rose F. E. Young, of North End, Portsmouth.
Grave Ref. Y. 12. 22.


Headstone removed by the CWGC in 1967

Netherlands Merchant Navy.
Died: 13 July 1944.
Grave Ref. CC. 11. 4.

Craftsman, REME, 24315723
Died: 6th January 1975, Age 26

Lt. V0306761
HMS Nelson
Died: 9th August 2002. Age 39.
Grave Ref: W. 7. 21.

Serjeant 7260934
Royal Army Medical Corps
Died: 11th June 1950. Age 42.

Private 24407725
Royal Hampshire Regiment
Died: 3rd August 1976. Age 20.
Grave Ref. - A 3 10