Portsmouth - 2

By the chance of alphabetical order Denis O'Brien comes between two men who did not die in any famous battle.

James Percival Oakley, son of Emily Oakley, of 32, Toronto Rd., Buckland, Portsmouth, and the late John Oakley, was a private in the Royal Marines. He died, aged 25, on 15 October 1918 at Murmansk in the Arctic Circle fighting in the complex campaign that followed the Bolshevik revolution. His ship HMS Glory was actually a Russian cruiser seized by the British.

John Haralio Oddy, son of James H. and Elizabeth A. Oddy, of 6, Manchester Rd., Fratton, Portsmouth was a Leading Cook’s Mate on HMS Glatton. On 16 September 1918 Glatton caught fire in Dover harbour while berthed next to a fully loaded ammunition ship. To avert catastrophe she had to be sunk by British torpedoes before her crew could be evacuated. Oddy, aged 29, died of burns nine days later. He was one of 79 men who lost their lives in the incident.