The windows are on the south side of the nave.

Memorial Windows
Memorial to Bishop John Vertue

Although both windows display dedications to Bishop Vertue and Reverend Horan at their base, both are inaccurate. This is because the windows suffered considerable damge during World War Two when they were blown out. The damage was severe but were not such that they could be patched and returned to their former positions in common with many of the other windows. Unfortunately the dedications were not replaced correctly and although the first lines are relevant - they read "PRAY FOR THE SOULS OF JOHN VERTUE WHO DIED..." and "THE VERY REVEREND JOHN HORAN FORMERLY...", the second lines are not. That for Vertue suggests his date of death was in 1863, 20 years before he became bishop whilst that for Horan is closer, being exactly one year out for his date of death.
Further Information
Bishop John Vertue is buried in Highland Road Cemetery, as is Canon John Horan. Further information about their lives can be found in the People section of History.InPortsmouth