Formerly in St. Barbara's Church, Hilsea, now in St. Barbara's Church, Deepcut. The memorial consists of a White Ensign and annotation.

White Ensign flown during D Day Landings
Further Information

Below the Ensign is a typewritten account of the history of the flag. It was presented by AB Terry Gull, late of HMLCT 2235 - 103rd Flotilla of the Senior Support Group J Force.
The Ensign was hoisted on 7th June 1944, D Day plus 1, on Landing Craft Tank 2235 at Courseulles (Juno Beach, Normandy). It was flown continuously, both day and night, until the LCT returned for a refit in dry dock at Portsmouth in early September 1944. During this period the LCT transported men and equipment of many regiments and units of the allied forces from the merchant fleet offshore.