At the Royal Army Chaplains Department Museum

Memorial Plate
Admiral William Cornwallis

In his "Story of the Domus Dei", Archdeacon Wright writes that 'Among the treasures of the Domus Dei is a set of massive Communion plate; consisting of two immense flagons, two chalices, two pattens and a large alms dish. They were presented by Queen Anne, but when, and on what particular occasion, I have not been able to discover. It is very probable that Her Majesty made the offering when she visited Government House with her Consort, Prince George of Denmark....'
It is not known when the plate was transferred to the RAChD Museum, but an insurance certificate (a copy of which is held at the museum) shows them to have been present in the Garrison Church as late as 1969. Their value at that time was set at nearly 2000.