On the north wall of the Lady Chapel (see Cathedral Plan).

Memorial to the Barrell Family
To the Glory of God
and in memory of
Henry Lewis Barrell
born Nov. 5 1891; died dec. 19 1897;
Martha Lewis
born March 5 1817; died Dec. 28 1897
Henry Lewis
born Sept. 24 1819; died Aug. 30 1901
This railing was given by
W.H. and L. Barrell
An. Dom. 1904

Further Information
Henry Lewis Barrell was the son of William Henry and Laura Barrell who gave the communion rail to the church of St. Thomas in his memory. Martha and Henry Lewis were business associates and good family friends. They were not related.
The railing in question was a wrought iron communion rail installed in the easternmost bay of the chancel by T.G. Jackson, the church's architect, when the high altar and sanctuary were re-ordered during the restoration of the church in 1902-04. The rail was moved to the chancel arch between the pulpit and the present Bishop's Chair by Charles Nicholson when he enlarged the sanctuary to fill the whole of the chancel of the new cathedral. Shortly after World War II, Nicholson replaced this railing with new wooden rails in memory of Frank Partridge, second bishop of Portsmouth. They in turn were displaced during the re-ordering of the chancel in 1989. Both sets are preserved in store.
See also the plaque to William Henry Barrell in the Gallery.